New Year’s Eve, Barbados and Rugby

Now the ‘new Shack’ is fully up and running I bet you all thought thanks goodness no more drivel in the form of blogs from yours truly. Aha, you were wrong my friends, so here is even more drivel for you to digest on top of your turkey curry and trifle. Personally I prefer rice with my curry but if trifle is your preference who am I to question it.

I am sure the vast majority of you have now enjoyed the wonderful new facilities of the new clubhouse over the course of this past spring, summer and autumn. For those who have not then please come along and see what we have done to the old place, you may be pleasantly surprised.

A reminder that the club will be open for the old year’s night or new year’s eve, whatever you want to call it. It will be a low key evening but probably will degenerate into mess before very long! Music courtesy of  DJ ‘Doorsie’ who has created his own special mix of ‘tunes’ and bring whatever leftovers you may have left (that includes curry and trifle).

On Saturday 20th January the club is throwing open the doors to a Barbados night, aimed chiefly at the 60 odd people (and trust me they are odd) who have booked to tour in February 2019. However it is not just restricted to those travelling and it is open to anyone who fancies an evening of Caribbean style drinks, music and maybe food? A chance to catch up with friends and lets be honest another reason to open the club for a few drinks, not that we need a new reason as almost every Saturday afternoon the club open for drinks, cheese and biscuits and mainly rugby on the TV.

Incidentally there are just under 60 people signed up for the 2019 tour to Barbados and it is shaping up to be a most memorable experience. With 3 cricket matches against local teams, The Sandy Lane Gold Cup, the now legendary catamaran trip, the even more infamous fines night plus many more fun times aplenty. There may still be an opportunity to join in the fun, just speak to Birdy or me (Tony Bray) for more details. remember though as every week goes by so too the cost may rise? Be quick if indeed you are tempted. We are still waiting on the fixtures announcement from The ECB and The Windies regarding England’s tour to the Caribbean at the same time, we may be lucky and catch an international whilst we are there?

To sum up this ad hoc blog then; there are plenty of opportunities to witness first hand ‘The New Shack’. There will be other events to announce and I know first hand the Supporters Club Committee are working hard to come up with new and fresh ideas for fun times at Pounds Close. So please keep checking the website for news  etc.

If you have any ideas on what you would like to see or do at the club then just let someone on the supporters club committee know and they will happily organise it for you.

Oh by the way, on the cricketing front exciting news that in 2018 we are entered to play in The Village Knock Out Cup again after a few year’s absence. The first team squad will continue in The National Knockout Cup as before but the Village Knockout will comprise of players who have not been involved with that 1st XI squad, i.e. the seconds and thirds etc. More cricket on a Sunday can only be good.

I know I speak on behalf of Chairman Evo and his merry band of committee members across the club when we wish you a peaceful, prosperous, stress free and Happy New Year for 2018.

Tara a bit, have fun and stay safe.


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