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Frocester’s Greatest Overseas

We have had 20 players come over to play for us since 1999. Not all of them played for the 1st XI but that doesn’t mean they made any less of an impact. So we have included all of them in this poll. The next item to note that the guys in the early days didn’t have their games put on Play-Cricket so we don’t have their stats. But note that despite this they were actually some of the most talented cricketers we have seen at Frocester.

So dig deep into the memory bank and rekindle some of those moments that have stuck with you over the years from nights in the warehouse to building breezer towers in the shack and everything in between… Maybe even some on-field stuff too!

Getting to know you


Match Highlights 2020

2020 saw us move into the latest century! Thanks to Slim Catto we have started to live stream selected matches. This page has all of the match highlights we captured in the, bizarre, 2020 season. Grab yourself a cup of tea and enjoy some of the best bits of the summer!

Frocester v Winterbourne 11 July 2020

On Saturday 11th July we played our first game out of lockdown against Winterbourne. The full scorecard can be found following the link. If you want to view the full photograph album from the game [...]


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Will cricket return this summer?

If you hadn't heard there have been no games played yet this season and unusually it is nothing to do with the weather. Ironically I don't think we would have missed a single game yet because the weather has been some what favourable.

St Peter’s Field

A lot is spoken of Pounds Close, our main ground. But it is important the St Peter's Field doesn't go unnoticed. Here we will take a dive into the history of what is referred to by the locals as 'The Stadium'..An Archaeological Watching Brief was generated in October 2006. We have taken some of the findings in this report to give a little bit more information. This was generated when we were looking to add the extension to the existing pavilion. So let's get to it!

Lockdown Nets

Please see the below update and advice on use of club facilities from the ECB. Basically, you can book use of nets with me, Eric Woodmason. You will have to comply with all the regulations [...]