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Match Highlights 2020

2020 saw us move into the latest century! Thanks to Slim Catto we have started to live stream selected matches. This page has all of the match highlights we captured in the, bizarre, 2020 season.

Grab yourself a cup of tea and enjoy some of the best bits of the summer!

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Frocester v Winterbourne 11 July 2020

On Saturday 11th July we played our first game out of lockdown against Winterbourne. The full scorecard can be found following the link. If you want to view the full photograph album from the game then just click here.

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Black Lives Matter

This year has been a bit different hasn’t it.. Who would have thought that we wouldn’t have our first game of cricket until July. Certain events have put things into perspective somewhat. There have been bush fires in Australia, a global pandemic, the UK withdrawing from the European union but most importantly a subject got…

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St Peter’s Field

A lot is spoken of Pounds Close, our main ground. But it is important the St Peter’s Field doesn’t go unnoticed. Here we will take a dive into the history of what is referred to by the locals as ‘The Stadium’..An Archaeological Watching Brief was generated in October 2006. We have taken some of the findings in this report to give a little bit more information. This was generated when we were looking to add the extension to the existing pavilion. So let’s get to it!

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Will cricket return this summer?

If you hadn’t heard there have been no games played yet this season and unusually it is nothing to do with the weather. Ironically I don’t think we would have missed a single game yet because the weather has been some what favourable.

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Player Profiles

Getting to know you – Dan Whincup

Here we take a closer look at Dan Whincup. Grandson of the famous John ‘Nogger’ Hawkins. He is also son of Frocester legend Dave ‘Metal’ Whincup. Sharing the same initials as his old man means that the play cricket stats are sometimes slightly inaccurate. But we like to think we have just built a super…

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Getting to know you – Will Naish

This episode is all about young all rounder Will Naish. Will made his senior debut for the club in 2016 at the age of 12 and no one could believe what was to follow. The next season Will scored 103 against Bourton Vale in a second XI fixture. How do you top that? In 2019…

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Getting to know you – Uzi Qureshi

It is time for the next edition of ‘Getting to know you’. This one is focused on first team skipper Uzi.  In the seven seasons Uzi has been with us he has scored 5,614 runs with a highest score of 178*. More importantly he has also taken two wickets. Both were in the same 100…

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Getting to know you – Mark Glew

The 2020 season should be Glewy’s 10th as a Frocester player. Coming from a cricket fanatic family Mark has always been there when the team needs him. Mr 100% never gives up and is a captain’s dream. Glewy has one century as part of his 1,780 runs for the club in 129 innings. He has…

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Getting to know you – Alex Russell

This episode is focused on future star Alex Russell. Having been with us only two seasons Alex has already taken 79 wickets in all games including 5-16 in the under 19 competition against Thornbury. Alex is already making waves with Gloucestershire having representing the second XI in the 2019 season. He has also represented Herefordshire…

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