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Friday 26th

Frocester Beer Festival – open 2.oo pm until 11.00 pm

Saturday 27th

Frocester Beer Festival – Open 11.00 am until 11.00 pm

1st XI v Downend – away

2nd XI v Dumbleton – home, down at St Peters Field

3rd XI v Cinderford – away

4th XI v Uley – to be confirmed

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Forthcoming Events….

Annual Dinner & Presentation night:

This years event will be held once again at The Cotswold Edge Golf Club on Saturday 17th September.  

You are politely requested to write your name on the list on the notice board at Pounds Close should you wish to attend. There you will also find a choice of menu plus another list offering the option to travel by coach. The cost for this evenings extravaganza is £25.00 per adult and £20 for students. The cost of the coach will be £5.00 per person.

PLEASE NOTE: This is the only place the menu and list will appear and you are requested to complete your choices no later than the 3rd September. Due in no small part to the fact there will not be a notice board or indeed a clubhouse by the 5th September!

D-Day Party………if you are the last one out, don’t bother locking up.

Demolition Day will soon be upon us and Saturday 3rd September will certainly be a day of mixed emotions.

This is the final game of the 2016 season with the first eleven at home to Bridgwater, hopefully  a day where we can possibly create another historical milestone in the clubs illustrious achievements, should we possibly clinch the West of England Premier League title for a third consecutive season.

It will also be a day to recall the club’s past glories as we celebrate the end of ‘The Shack’.

Prior to the demolition of the pavilion on Monday 5th September to pave the way the a brand new ‘Shack II’ we are planning a huge celebration of remembrance where we hope many past and current members will attend a day/evening of  recalling past glories with stories and tales of previous successes and fun times at Pounds Close.

In the evening where will be music, hot food in the form of chilli’s and a return of the karaoke. Sorry Mr Chairman but I did hear you agree to singing an old favourite…..I am sure people will know which song that might be!

The festivities will start when you get there basically and end…well who knows, just remember to be out by Monday 5th or you will be literally laying the foundations of the new pavilion.

Grand Opening of  ‘The Shack II’………if you are the last one out, you better mind you do lock up!

To celebrate the opening of our new pavilion there will be a Grand Ball to mark the occasion. This must attend event of the year will be on Saturday 22nd April, 2017.

At a cost of £60.00 per person you will enjoy a night to remember with:

~ Welcome drinks on arrival,
~ 3 course meal,
~ Special guests,
~ Music in the form of Tommy Lewis and The Fuse.

Even a professional photographer has been booked to capture the glamour and fun of the evening so wear your best frock, oh and ladies you can too of course.

The evening will start with arrival at 6.30 pm for 7.00 pm and carriages at 1.00 am. 

This will be a very popular event and you are advised to book your seat/table as soon as possible please.
You can do this by calling Dave Poultney on 01453 822960 or emailing Rich Tuck at

Advent Lunch

This is on Sunday 4th December and as we have no clubhouse it will, for one year only be held at The Frocester George. 

Places will be limited and will be strictly on a first come first served basis so pencil this in your diary and get those names down on the list when it is available. Further details to follow.

Old Photographs

To commemorate the ‘out with the old and in with the new’ pavilion, the social committee are going to arrange a photo album type book to capture the special moments enjoyed over the years at the place lovingly known as ‘The Shack’ .

This is where you can all make a valuable contribution by supplying the actual material to include within the pages of this unique reference work.

If you have any photographs of events both on and off the field, in or out of the pavilion then please let us borrow them to include in this publication.

The coordinator of this project is Wendy Hawkins, so please contact Wendy to pass on your pictures.

Wat ‘appened was!

Saturday 06/08/16 – A special mention and thanks today goes to Jim Clarkson. One of the hottest days of the year, one of the biggest games of the season and we were down to just one real ale on offer……more

Along came Jimbo in the nick of time and he spent the next hour tapping the barrel, cleaning the pipes, flushing through cleaner and water, and eventually we were up and running. Boy was that needed as the ale on the other pump ran out late in the afternoon such was the demand, so indeed it was a timely and welcome arrival of Mr C.  Many thanks Jim.

Saturday 30/07/16 – Was it a taxi beeping his horn and constantly flashing his lights to attract attention? It was late in the evening and people were starting to drift away and one would have been quite right in assuming it was  someone’s lift home….. But wait a minute where’s Nogger? He was last seen leaving the building with a very good impersonation of a crab, 3 sideways movements and 1 forward.

Time to send intrepid reporter George Davies out to see what the commotion was  and report back. This is what he found……. more

Picture of the Week


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From the archives

Boxing day cricket
Boxing day cricket

Reg and DaughterMille and HannahGirls 2

More pictures and a report from the now infamous Karaoke & Cocktails night can be found by following the link in the drop down menu at the top of the page.

Frocester Beer Festival

Tickets are on Sale! Click here to go straight to the official Frocester Beer Festival web site where you can order tickets online. It is going to be very popular again judging by the amount of tickets sold on day one of release. Please note there is an earlier start time time on the Friday with the gates opening at 2.00pm. The dates are Friday 26th and Saturday 27th August.

 Membership update

Social membership of the club runs from 1st April until the 31st March the following year. Membership remains at £10.00 per person. It is important that you sign up as quickly as possible to receive your membership card. Forms have been emailed out to most but those of you that have not received said form please ask at the bar. One of the benefits of doing so will enable you to receive important updates via email and it allows us to be more professional in our dealings and record keeping, which is an official requirement for us as a social club. Playing membership is dealt with separately and most, if not all players are officially registered, if you think you are not then please contact your relevant captain.


It is intended to utilise this, The Red Picket Fence web site (with the web address of as the official page of  the Frocester Cricket Supporters Club.

The main aim of this site will be to keep you informed of all the supporters club activities, functions, news and events etc. It will develop as it goes along and your opinions and thoughts are most appreciated on how this grows.

The main Frocester Cricket Club web site will remain on Play Cricket and by * clicking this link  you will be directed there. The main site will still update you on all things cricket, fixtures, results, stats, facts and information. There are plans for further development of this Play Cricket site.

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