Cricket tour to the Caribbean

Well dear readers two years have passed since the last blog, which followed the progress of the new pavilion build.

You should have all recovered by now so here we go with a new series of updates following the fortunes of 60 intrepid explorers as they engage in a cricket tour to Barbados.

As one good friend on that magical island said yesterday “now the real England tour begins”.

We will endeavour to win friends and hopefully 3 cricket matches along the way, but don’t bet on it!

There will be no talk of Brexit and the only backstop will be the one on the back of a stool to stop people falling off.

Di, Liz, Noah and myself were part of an advance party travelling down the day before as it was unfair to get Noah up at 3.00am in the morning to catch a bus. It also meant having a little extra time resting. In fact I woke up at midnight and have been awake ever since. Hence why this is an early morning blog.

4.20am I received notification that the last group have been picked up and are now on route to Gatwick. The other advantage of arriving the day before was to forewarn the bars to be brace themselves as a liquid breakfast will surely ensue after check in.

Well nothing else to report just yet as not a lot is happening at this ungodly hour of the morning.

Rest assured though good people I will update you all later. However as on all good trips the old adage applies, ‘what goes on tour stays on tour’. I will respect that of course but I am sure there will be much I can report on to entertain, amuse and enlighten you all with as the tour unfolds.

I will sign off this blog with an advance apology for any typing errors now and/or in the future. My excuse is my fingers are too big for my phone keypad plus the dreaded autocorrect, which annoys the hell out of me. Not forgetting fatigue and maybe a drop of rum impairing the coordination of said fingers as the days go by.

There we have it then, the start of another load of drivel for the next couple of weeks.

Happy Monday all.

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  1. Hi have a wonderful time look forward to hearing about your adventures Mary

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