Back to Business

Well before we had been given the green light to re-open the clubhouse a few hearty individuals (Birdy & Pistol) worked tirelessly to ensure that we would be ready at the first opportunity to open our doors again. It has been no small task and our enormous thanks go to both chaps for their hard work. Thank you also goes to Tony Bray who has provided us with the signage required.

As you could imagine there will be a lot of new processes in place to allow us to openly safely and follow the government guidelines.

Below is a poster that covers the information that our punters need to know before arriving. But in true health & safety fashion there will be plenty of signage available. So don’t worry there will be no spot tests.. or will there?!

For full details of all the processes we will have place take a look at the attached Risk Assessment and Track & trace register we will be using at the bottom of this article.

Hopefully along with the bar opening we will also get a chance to watch some cricket soon. Seems strange that we can have 22 people in the bar area but not outside in an open space exercising! But we are grateful that we get to start moving again and the club is being used.

We look forward to seeing you fit & healthy at Pounds Close soon. Stay safe and please follow all the guidelines, guidance and all that jazz so we can get back to our normal crazy selves soon!

It’s your neighbourhood

Frocester Cricket Club received an outstanding mark of 89% winning the Heart of England in Bloom for 2019.

A simply fantastic effort and a huge thank you to all the volunteers involved.  Special thanks to Andrew Marson for all his efforts.

The Royal Horticultural Society’s It’s Your Neighbourhood campaign is part of the wider Britain in Bloom initiative, providing an opportunity for smaller community groups to get involved. 

20th May 2019 – Pavillion baskets

RHS It’s Your Neighbourhood is a unique scheme for volunteered led community gardening projects/groups who are focused on improving their local environment through community gardening.  They can be working in their local street, estate where they live, a back alley they share with their neighbours, or the local community centre’s outdoor space. Almost any outdoor site being looked after by the local community qualifies for this scheme.  RHS It’s Your Neighbourhood is an inclusive, non-competitive scheme, a group can be made up of any number of community volunteers.

Phil & Mary Herbert, along with Marjorie Hawkins accepting the award.

The marking sheet was split into 3 sections as follows:

Section A: Community Participation – 40 out of 40 marks

Section B: Environmental Responsibility – 25 out of 30 marks

Section C: Gardening Achievement – 24 out of 30 marks

In the words of introduction on the result sheet it read; The clubhouse (one of the largest buildings in the village) and grounds set in wonderful surroundings. Is this a cricket club or a community hub?

There already plans afoot to make it even better in 2020, watch this space. Or better still come to Frocester Cricket Club and see for yourself.

Important Information

You are in no doubt aware that the clubhouse is currently closed for the foreseeable future.  In addition and in line with government restrictions St Peter’s Field is now also closed to all users.  Watch this space and all the other social media outlets of the club for news of reopening etc.

Thank you for your cooperation, stay safe everyone.  

Let’s all do as we are advised please, the sooner we can stop this virus spreading by staying home, the sooner we can get back to normal, which includes of course cricket and hopefully the summer back up at the club. 

Message from the Chairman

Chairman – John Evans

I wanted to bring everyone up to speed on the situation the club finds itself in during these difficult times. We held a board meeting via Zoom last week to discuss many important issues.

It is unclear to what extent there we will be any cricket this year and the season will be severely restricted.  This is the disappointing outlook especially given the weather and how superb our two grounds look. As a result, it has been agreed that all member subscriptions (playing and social) will be waived this season for the period covering 1 April 2020 – 31 March 2021. 

Steps have been taken to reduce costs and the Club should just about manage to ‘get through’ until next season, let’s hope we can then put this period behind us. Despite this we do still have some overheads which need to be paid. Most of you will know by now that the Ball and the Beer Festival have had to be cancelled this year. This obviously is a great disappointment both socially and financially. These are our major fundraisers and usually help massively in the finances of the club. It is planned to come back bigger and better in 2021.

Obviously with no revenue coming in we have decided to ask our membership to consider giving donations. Whilst it is recognised that some will be affected financially by the crisis, any donations, of whatever size, would be greatly appreciated, as this this will help ‘shore up’ the Club finances and help us to move forward as a Club next year in a positive manner.

There is no compulsion to make donations of course and any amounts given are donated freely.  Any donations are not subscriptions and do not confer subscription rights.  

As a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC), donations benefit from Gift Aid as long as the donor is UK resident and pays sufficient tax to cover the gift.  For example, the Club is able to reclaim £25 Gift Aid on a gift of £100, resulting in a total receipt of £125 for a ‘net cost’ to the individual of £100.  A higher rate taxpayer in this example would be able to reclaim additional tax relief of £25, resulting in the Club receiving £125 in exchange for a ‘net cost’ of £75.

To enable Gift Aid to be claimed, a completed copy of the attached Gift Aid Declaration should be sent to the Treasurer, Mike Fishwick, ideally scanned by email if possible.  Mike’s email is

Donations can either be made by cheque or ideally by direct credit payment online and the payee details are shown in the attached Gift Aid Declaration.

Any help will be most gratefully received in these difficult times. Finally and most importantly please stay safe or stay alert and make sure all the Frocester family come out on the other side of this difficult situation.

Best Wishes

John Evans