The end but a new beginning.

Just when you thought it was safe to start reading your emails again along comes another blog. Well this should really be the final chapter with the pavilion now compete, opened and fully used, culminating with this the official opening.

Following are some pictures of the day starting with the main event.  The ribbon cutting by John & Marjorie Hawkins with Phil & Mary Herbert. Watched over by Simon Jones MBE, making sure Herb doesn’t cut himself. He was warned about holding anything sharp, which is probably why he struggling to cut through.

Soon after Simon unveiled a plaque commemorating the event.

Another unique and special moment came in the form of another unveiling, this time of our three friends who sadly are no longer with us. Margaret & Simon, Carolynne and Will perform the honour of revealing a lasting memento of three hugely influential people. Namely David, Billy and Bob.

Now lets go back to the start of the day. Early morning sunshine looked promising as volunteers and the women’s softball contestants arrived at Pounds Close. However we should all know by now not to become complacent with such things. True to form it started drizzling, which became more consistent rain as the morning progressed. This did not deter a band of ladies intent on performing and enjoying themselves. Starting off with the Zumba warm up. They had waited for the arrival of Don Pearce who was to lead the group but unfortunately he struggled to get into his leotard in time so they began without him.

Undaunted by the rain the ladies dispersed in their groups to play their games. 5 wickets were in play dotted around the outfield where the games took place.  Watched on by their supporters old and young alike. The whole area was ringing out with laughter and you could clearly hear and sense the fun they were having in what had now become quite persistent rain. Yours truly braved the elements to capture the moments, well if the girls are willing to play in the rain then who am I to deny taking their pictures.

above: Our very own Frocester girls who took part in the festival

To the sounds of ‘Rain drops keep falling on my head’, Singing in the rain’ and ‘Umbrella’ playing through the music system the girls carried on regardless. Oh how the people in the warm, dry pavilion chuckled.

Dripping wet and exhausted the ladies gathered in front of the clubhouse to hear a brief well done speech from GCCB’s Scott Tremain and a presentation followed. Each team receiving a bottle of procescco to do with as they wish. 

This really was a great family day and so it was the youth element of the club had their end of season presentations and awards. With the little ones from The All Stars programme each receiving praise and a little something.

Simon Jones joined in by bowling a few deliveries down to some of the lads.

Meanwhile burgers, hot dogs and later a hog roast was selling like they were going out of fashion. The T20 game fell victim to the weather. Although play was started a sudden downpour of biblical proportions wreaked havoc and any thoughts of returning after that was dismissed in an instant.

Speaking of divine intervention so it came to pass that as soon as the game was cancelled and the opening ceremony brought forward so it stopped raining and yes the sun came out just as the ceremony was taking place. I think Billy, Bob and David had had enough and sorted it out on our behalf.

The pictures of the ceremonies you have seen earlier in this blog. One you haven’t seen though is our new barman, he was a little shy to start with and didn’t know what to expect but he did well and nobody argued with him anyway. I know they say that dogs tend to look like their owners but flipping heck Birdy that’s going too far. 

Nice to see a few ex Gloucestershire players in attendance, Alex Gidman, Andy Stovold and David Partridge and equally important a few old stalwarts of the club from days past. Due to the game finishing early the bar was hit big time and regrettably people started to drift away earlier than planned and were not there to hear Stephen the Busker serenade us with his lovely gentle music into the night. The regulars were though and entertained we all were.

I hope that offers a glimpse of our very special day and on a personal note thank you for reading this tripe all through the winter and you will be pleased to know I probably won’t be around for the next opening so no more blogs!

Oops, I should also mention that the day also marked a special occasion for two stalwarts of the club, Dave & Sarah Poultney who celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary; congratulations guys.





One response to “The end but a new beginning.”

  1. Superb coverage as usual, Tony. The club does it just right, or so it seems to an outsider. Well done.


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