Covid-19 Club Rules

Please make sure you read, understand and follow the rules we have put in place. We want to keep operating but if we fail to [...]

Match Highlights 2020

2020 saw us move into the latest century! Thanks to Slim Catto we have started to live stream selected matches. This page has all of the match highlights we captured in the, bizarre, 2020 season. Grab yourself a cup of tea and enjoy some of the best bits of the summer!

Black Lives Matter

This year has been a bit different hasn't it.. Who would have thought that we wouldn't have our first game of cricket until July. Certain [...]

Back to Business

Well before we had been given the green light to re-open the clubhouse a few hearty individuals (Birdy & Pistol) worked tirelessly to ensure that [...]


Frocester Cricket Club Limited President - John HawkinsChair - John EvansVice-Chair - Unallocated*Secretary - Eric WoodmasonTreasurer - Mike FishwickFixture Secretary - Eric Woodmason (League & [...]

Will cricket return this summer?

If you hadn't heard there have been no games played yet this season and unusually it is nothing to do with the weather. Ironically I don't think we would have missed a single game yet because the weather has been some what favourable.