Romeo, Romeo.



Well the glass is in position with just the final fixings to add to the balcony. You will note also the scorers room has been glazed and is now secure. Just hope it is a sliding window for Andrew to be able to sell his ice creams. 

Very little words to add to this blog as the pictures say it all really, which is a poor excuse I know, but it is late plus I’m tired and emotional. I haven’t eaten yet and I could do with a drink. But please don’t worry about me, I’ll be alright.

The pictures below see the huge amount of work that has gone on downstairs with the bamboo floor laid in the bar area, skittle alley and the business end (toilets). Deano has been very active fitting the new bar top and very nice it is too. The bar area now is huge in comparison to the old one and the bar staff will need roller skates to get from one end to the other. We know what an impatient lot you can be when needing refreshments.


The concertina doors, which can be used to divide the lounge from the bar for a separate room if required are also up. 

The kitchen units are being constructed with the ‘hardware’ ready to be installed.

It appears the showers are all complete and that includes the umpires and ladies changing area. As shown in the pictures below; the big shower area is the away team changing area.



Sorry that’s it for today, enjoy and be proud of what all your hard work and fundraising has achieved. Roll on spring and summer so we can all enjoy these excellent facilities.



One response to “Romeo, Romeo.”

  1. Andrew Marson Avatar

    Whow ! Things are moving on at the ” New Shack ” ! Score room now complete with window , can’t wait to get it kitted out and scoring/ ice cream selling to commence.


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