A step in the right direction


When I was told that the sides to the stairs and balcony work has commenced I thought it was a joke , I saw through that straight away. Indeed one can see right through because the sides and balcony front are glass, 25 mm thick, unbreakable glass and not just your ordinary window glass, which would have been a bit of a pane to fit.

The Bamboo floor panels have arrived and the floor will be completed in the next few days. Unless a wandering ’embarrassment’ of Panda’s happen to smell the bamboo and decide to help themselves to a feast.

Reference: Pandas are solitary animals and are rarely seen in groups, which is why it was hard to find the collective name, ’embarrassment’ seems to be the most popular through my research.  Other names found include a ‘Cupboard’ or ‘Sleuth’ (as in bears). 

There you go, just to confirm that this blog is just not thrown together in a blind panic without thought……well it is really I suppose, most of the time. 

Anyway a few more pictures for you, especially for our illustrious Chairman, Evo and bar manager, Birdy who happen to be the other side of the world enjoying the delights of New Zealand. 

Whilst mentioning the bar it worth noticing that the drinks will be well chilled this year with the installation of new cooling unit and extractor fans in the cellar. The bar top has yet to be fitted but will be by the end of this month I have been informed. 

Externally we see the patio area nearing completion, the balcony floor laid and wiring being installed into the scorers box.

The kitchen has been cleared ready to fit the work units, Range and dishwasher etc. Note the new kitchen door with glass panels. Everywhere will have so much more natural light than before.

The ‘comms’ box is up along with a nest of wires leading to some 50 USB ports dotted around the building, ceiling mounted loudspeakers throughout and a couple of TV’s to cater for. The USB ports allowing easy access to recharge your batteries on phones and laptops. This box will also be home to the SKY & BT boxes and Amplifier, when sourced. 

Finally, for today anyway, we see  work being carried out on the car park to the side of the new pavilion, tidying up the area, which below sits the huge capacity water tanks, collecting the rain water from around the building for use on the square. Next week promises to see to major changes with the bar top, the floor and balcony all completed. The whole project is only just over a month away from completion now.



One response to “A step in the right direction”

  1. Great job Tony , your blog and pictures show the new “Shack ” well on course ! I hope they are going to tidy my wires up a bit in the Score room as I need room to sell my ice creams !


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