All hail the ale!

Just a few pictures today good people, but what pictures they are. Whilst on a routine visit to keep you all posted on any new changes so it was that St Austell turned up to off load some barrels of beer. Well who are we to refuse such a kind gesture.

Okay it says Bath Ales but they are now indeed owned by St Austell. It matters not as long as the beer is taken off the back and placed in our cellar.

The new cellar, which has been recently kitted out with all manner of pipes and tubes was ready and waiting. The new floor is very good as the barrels did not mark it in any way and with a drain in the middle it can be easily rinsed to keep it clean.


Here they all sit in just waiting to be tested. From left to right we have: Fosters, Heineken, Amstell, Thatchers Gold, Thatchers Haze, John Smiths and Guinness. Over to the right is one of 3 real ales.

Alas all is not what it seems, although actual kegs, they are there for testing purposes only at the moment just to check there is the right pressure throughout and it all flows as they should. Sorry the bar is not open for business just yet, bugger I hear you all shout!  A few more weeks and it well be however. 

Birdy has even found the till and is giving the old girl a good clean, whilst also checking for any iou’s.

The club has CCTV fitted throughout and a high level of security alarms all operational.  Much of the inside you have already seen in pictures previously although there is work going on all the time with the finer points of the construction industry. Don’t expect me to inform you what they are however as I haven’t got a clue. All I know is there are people fiddling with doors, plumbing, electrics, paint brushes, oh and yes, erecting a new fence outside.

Well that’s all I can offer today peeps. You should be happy in the knowledge that there will not be much more of this drivel as the building nears completion.

On a serious note I hope you have all found this interesting, watching the development of the new pavilion over the autumn, winter and now spring. I have quite enjoyed doing it I have to admit,  in fact I would be happy to do more. Perhaps I could start a business creating blogs, copy writing and other general nonsense. If any one reading this is interested please let me know. Seriously I would love to do this for a living, doing something I enjoy for a change.

I am very cheap to run, much like an old Morris Minor, so old I don’t need taxing, easily repaired when broken down, low emissions except after pickled onions, comes with a starting handle (easily wound up) and fuel efficient, a glass of gin and tonic and I am away. Just ask anyone who went on the trip to Twickenham a couple of seasons ago! 


2 responses to “All hail the ale!”

  1. Well done Tony, another brilliant piece of rubbish…
    Enjoyed all the updates throughout the winter, did my glasses turn up in the end?


  2. Well good to see the beer has arrived if only in Test form ! Birdy is back in his box and the countdown to re-opening is running ! Any idea when we can try leaning and drinking beer from the Bar?


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