Smoothing out a rough bottom.


A brief interruption to the normal blog today viewers as we travel down the road a short distance from Pounds Close. I followed my nose and ended up in the land of pigs, Bridge Farm. Here a gallant band of Frocester stalwarts have for the past two weekends been working away renovating the old pews. Sanding down, scraping and general rubbing of wood with vibrating hand held machinery. 

A brave and noble effort as the accompanying aroma of the many nearby pigs was certainly not a joy to behold. Feet covered in muck and straw, grunting and snorting, eating anything they could find the nearby pigs must have wondered who these people were.

Seriously these guys are certainly worthy of a name check as they have worked very hard indeed: Paul & Maggie Mukasa, Pete & Jane Davis, Wendy Hawkins, Andrew Marston and Ali Bray.

Here we see a wood stripping expert and an expert on just stripping, reloading his vibrator.

By the end of this second weekend the guys have become very attached and fond of these benches they have been stripping and rubbing so lovingly and diligently. So much so they have affectionately given each seat a name:
Pew, Pew, Barney, McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble & Grubb. Sorry just had to get that one in!

As I mentioned a brief interlude from the work up at the pavilion but these old pews will take on a new lease of life once they have finally been stripped and waxed. They will be placed back up at the ‘New Shack’ adding a touch of character combined with some nostalgia for many more years to come. All down to these kind and hardworking good people. 

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