Cut out the middle man!

Well I must report on an interesting development in the new kitchen my loyal readers. The photographs clearly show a series of toilet units lined up along two walls. This raises two questions: One is this an attempt to cut out the middle man and flush the food away immediately thus saving on the need for a dishwasher. Well we do need to save some money.

Question two could be that the kitchen, when not in use will become a communal bathroom. Well the extractor fan is in place you will note and I did make mention in my last blog that on a busy day the normal facilities may not cope with the demand. This could lead to numerous more toilet humour style jokes so I will stop right there!

Next up we will note that the bar and cellar floors are in the process of having several layers of a special coating painted on. This substance is waterproof and more importantly beer proof so will not stain or mark and can be washed. The cellar floor has additional layers to stop any ‘chips’ if anything is dropped etc. The smell of the ‘paint’ was horrendous and I am sure that will go when it dries.

The Cellar

The bar floor shown above shows the penultimate layer just having been painted. Unfortunately I cannot report on the new counter being started yet but I am sure it will in due course.

It looks like tea and cake on the patio this summer or for the more adventurous maybe a Pimms or two sat underneath some fancy umbrellas? The slabs are being laid and it increases in size on a daily basis it seems. The only thing to spoil the summer party will be the cricket going in front of you. All that shouting and swearing, running around and falling over but I am sure the players will get used to our little indiscretions in time.

Finally Andrew or Adrian as I sometimes call him for no other reason than I get my mucking words fuddled up at times. A Pandora’s box of delights await him. Hmm, perhaps I may call him Pandora from now on? Anyway it is coming along nicely  and the pictures show that hopefully. The inside shot is a little worrying however as I can see no electric cables etc in readiness for all the equipment to be plugged in. That is a later addition probably though as the electronic scoreboard is still to be moved around the corner a little yet.

When Pandora is not scoring in his room it does offers a good spot to sell ice cream from I fancy. A nice freezer along the back wall and away we go. Hope they get the electrics sorted in that case otherwise they will melt quite quickly with the hot sunny summer ahead that we all wish for.  Another idea maybe is a walk by fast food outlet. What are you like cooking burgers and chips, I have heard you can whip up a wicked kebab Andrew?

Not many exciting pictures today my friends as there is a lot of things like painting and decorating going on. I will attempt to capture more next week when hopefully the bar top fitting may have started, more patio slabs have been laid and so on.

One response to “Cut out the middle man!”

  1. Thanks Tony.

    Pandora here , already got the Scorer’s room sorted with it’s own mini bar and hot line to Kate in the main bar !

    I could certainly do a good line in Mr Wippy,s with a 99 and in the evening a nice greasy kebab !

    Look out for the refurbished pew’s as last weekends working party made good progress and we go again this Sunday !



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