A step in the right direction

Well just a few pictures today dear readers. Although there is a lot going on I have only showed the superficial changes. Here in the picture you will see the addition of the basic stair frame, which now in place is ready to accept the rest of the balcony or drying rail (for kit and towels) as it will surely become.

You will note here an unusual design feature. Yes the stairs turn left towards the balcony and changing rooms however there will be the option for any under performing player(s) to carry straight on at the halfway point, as you note in the picture, to a fate still yet to be decided. This will be in the hands of the watching jury sat beneath observing play. The later in the day naturally the harsher the punishment as alcohol will fuel the sentence. 

One for Andrew, here is the progress on your new box, well on the way now the iron structures are in place for the balcony. They have decided, following some discussion, to put a window in the front for you. They though it might help your scoring duties.

If any of you are in need of a pick me up then help is at hand following the installation of the lift. Not quite operational yet as the fitters are awaiting some circuit board but virtually all ready to go.

If you can’t manage the lift then the wooden staircase has now been completed.

The ladies shower room has been fitted, so too the umpires room. Talking of showers the players changing rooms are also nearly completed with just the floor of the shower to lay.

Work has carried on externally as well and here we see the steps and some paving slabs in place along pitch-side.

The new loos are fitted it appears but in my opinion offer less space that before for standing and draining off a drop. Although more room for washing your hands and drying them afterwards without being hit by the door opening as happened in the old ‘think tank’.

We have also lost the best ‘view from a loo’ in the cricketing world. How many times have we guys, come on admit it, stood at the old trough looking out through the window towards Frocester Hill and Coaley Peak gazing at the fantastic vista and wishing our life away.

Many times using that portal as a weather forecasting station. By looking towards the river to see if the sky was filled in we knew if the rain was coming in to stay or not. 

Finally, yesterday morning a passing motorist decided to lend a hand in the redevelopment and thought it would be a good idea to have a wider entrance for coaches to swing into the car park . He therefore promptly drove his car through the hedge thus creating a gap to enable such an entrance to be built. All we have to do now is move the gate.

On a serious note we hope the driver and his passenger are recovering well following their ordeal, it must have been very traumatic for them. Our sincere best wishes go to them for a speedy recovery.

Luckily no one was working in that area of the site at the time.

One response to “A step in the right direction”

  1. Thanks Tony , did not know I had a name change in the Winter but glad to see I have a roof over my head and a gap to look out onto the square ! Can’t to score the first game in such magnificent facilities !


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