A night on the tiles

I forewarn you now avid readers that this will be a plain and simple blog (Hooray I can hear you shout) as yours truly is still feeling a little groggy so I am just keeping it simple and showing a few pictures of the recent developments.

The home and away shower areas, plus the umpires room and ladies changing room have been fitted out with benches, the walls plastered and are currently being painted and the shower areas have been tiled.

Work is still progressing at a pace and I have been informed that the even the lift may be installed within the next couple of weeks, allowing the builders to finish ‘tidying up’ the upstairs area. The internal stairs were being worked on whilst I visited so those should be completed very soon. The disabled, ladies and gents toilet rooms have all also been plastered ready for the fixtures and fittings to be installed. Those are all there sat there waiting so I think that will be soon.

Moving outside for a while the steel work is all in place ready for the final fitting of the balcony and external stairs. This now also allows for the scorers box to be completed.

Moving back inside, mainly because it was so flipping cold out there, we see the plastering has been completed throughout on all the walls and ceilings. Ceiling lights are in place and there is a great feeling of light and space.  Obviously that will change once the furniture starts to go in but nonetheless a lot more room and so much lighter than the old girl.

The kitchen is starting to see some progression with the extractor fan in place awaiting connection.


Well sorry it is short and sweet peeps but it’s the pictures of the progression you really want to see not me waffling on. From those pictures I trust you will agree what a fine building this is rapidly becoming. Like you I can’t wait for completion and we can sit, relax and enjoy the cricket with maybe a drink in hand. Let us hope for a good summer and many fond times ahead.



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