Monday 22nd February

Apologies for the delay but the Internet access here is very patchy at times. I am sure you are all on the edge of your seat in anticipation of the next instalment

As always following a match, people are slow at rising and today was no exception. It was one of those days that everyone did their own thing. It is therefore impossible to report on everything that went on. I can only inform you of what happened during my day.

A small group of 6 of us caught one of the local buses to Speightstown, not many on the bus so at least there was plenty of room. There was a couple of minor skirmishes with the smaller ‘ZR’  buses with jostling for position in order to pick up fare paying passengers along the route. We made our way around some of what can be best, diplomatically, described as the poorer areas of the capital. The bus stopping at one point right in the middle of the road and not I must add at a designated bus stop, for the drivers mate to walk off in no particular rush into an adjacent shop to buy the driver a bottle of Coke. There were moments on longer quieter stretches of road where his speed picked up and there was no way he was within the speed limit. Oh well we got there in one piece, just!

We walked into the centre of Speightstown and enjoyed a nice cold pint at The Fisherman’s Pub. Then decided to move down the (West) coast a short distance to Mullins Bay. We jumped on a southbound bus for a mere mile or two and got off right outside the beach itself and the Beach bar/restaurant only to be greeted by most of the boys and girls who had also found their way there. Another drink was ordered and a table for lunch. Sat at the next table was Talksport football pundit Alan Brazil with a couple of loud friends. Next to that table was Jeremy Clarkson having lunch with Andrew Lloyd Webber and wife.

A great put down by the waitress to the loud cockney friends with Alan Brazil who wanted the table we were given, they indicated her that they should be given our spot as they were famous to which she replied “everyone here is famous’ and walked away.

The journey back was long, hot and at school chucking out time so busy. No worries though we had nothing spoiling and we arrived back at the hotel ready for a quiet night in at the hotel.

Sorry nothing more exciting that that I’m afraid. Although the boys and girls we bumped into earlier seemed to have a fun day touring the island with most in the back of Randy’s pick up truck. Stopping for drinks and food whilst enjoying the stunning, dramatic landscape of the East coast.


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