Tuesday 23rd February

What another scorcher of a day with numerous folks, despite having been in the sun for 10 days, still getting slightly burnt. Those that had chosen to stay around the hotel anyway.

A few more adventurous types set off to discover more of the islands history. This time our good friends Martin & Slyvia, Jean & Steve ventured through some tunnels under the Garrison Savannah. These are still being uncovered by the authorities even now. It appears these were two fold. Firstly as the ground was originally marshland they were used as a drainage system. The other more glamorous and exciting use was by the British soldiers to use if they came under attack. The tunnels stretched for a very way in several directions from the barracks to the coast in places.

It is a reminder than Barbados is more than just a sun kissed island for those seeking sun and sea it is actually enormously rich in history. Even before the first English settlers back in 1627, but obviously that was the start of the biggest and most fascinating changes.

There was shock news today as the fines committee who had been in operation for many tours decided to step down to allow a younger team to bring new and fresh ideas to the table. This challenge was accepted without question so who knows what will await us on Friday evening.

There was some light relief from the blazing sun today with an impromptu attempt at synchronised swimming from the ladies in the hotel pool. I personally missed this but I have been reliably informed it was a sight to behold.

A fairly quiet evening by our standards as many opted for an earlyish night in preparation for the big game tomorrow up at good friends of Frocester, namely North Stars Cultural and Social Club, Crab Hill, near Stroud Bay in St Lucy.

I will leave today with a couple of early morning pictures as I am sure you have seen enough of the sunny daytime ones across various social media sites these past few days.

6.00am view looking west.
06.00 view looking west.
6.00am looking East.
06.00 looking east towards Oistins.


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