Sunday 21st February

My apologies now before you start as this blog could be a long one today.

A great day of entertainment at Isolation Cavaliers, which started with a hiccup on the transportation front. Instead of the larger vehicle a last minute issue with that bus meant we had to use two vehicles. Naturally the players and a large contingent of supporters left on the first bus. A small group of unsuspecting souls waited patiently for bus number 2, which arrived some 30 – 40 minutes later.

The last words I remember saying was ‘we are late so don’t spare the horses’. I regret that comment now! Although that ride will go down in the folklore of tales from the tours.

We set off at a blistering pace, only slowing down for potholes. Our driver was keen to make up for the lost waiting time at the hotel. It felt like we negotiated roundabouts on two wheels. At one point on one of the narrower roads we even forced one driver to pull over to let us through.

We left the main highway to take a more direct route. It was an area our driver must have known well. Contrary to the UK where we more often than not use the horn as an aggressive signal, here on the island it is used as a thank you but mainly as a way of saying hello to someone you know. Well this guy obviously knew a lot of people as the horn was used a great deal.  Perhaps in this case he was maybe telling people to get out of the road as this bus ain’t slowing down for no one.

Our journey continued along some twisting, heavily potholed roads. I am sure at one point we went off road! Even a police vehicle blocking the road as he was performing a three point turn was not spared. He quickly completed his manoeuvre and moved off with our runaway bus showing no signs of mercy or slowing down.

In fairness we did witness some fantastic views as reached the peak of one hill. Miles of the eastern coastline could be seen and was simply stunning. Anyway we reached our destination in one piece and in record time.


Onto the cricket then, batting first again Frocester scored a respectable 203 for 8 in the allotted 35 overs. This included a 50 for Renaldo Hyland who was guesting for us. Another notable score included a fine 30 not out for Sam Birch. This was despite the comments from the live commentator, who was very amusing it has to be said. Very loud music between overs added to the great atmosphere of fun.

In reply Richie Cave claimed 2  more wickets and there was a wicket apiece for Jade Padmore, Dan Whincup and Sam Birch who was our man of the match. Not enough though and I am sorry to report that Isolation reached 204 for 5 in the 32nd over to claim victory by 5 wickets.

No disgrace whatsoever in an excellent game of cricket played in the right manner with both sides looking for the win.

Late afternoon and the shadows grew longer as the sun started to set.

Following a brief presentation of awards and thanks from both sides the drinks flowed, although for those non playing members it had been anyway.

As the evening went on the music became louder and the dancing ‘dirtier’ as our guest players showed everyone how to dance Bajan style. Our younger members soon joined in and the dancing spilled onto the cricket field outside.


The moment came to leave so after saying our goodbyes we made the journey home to renditions of many of the old favourites. They may be old songs but we always find new ways of singing them badly.

Well I apologise again for this lengthy blog but it was another great day. As with all this ramblings there is a lot more that happens but some things will always stay on tour.

2 responses to “Sunday 21st February”

  1. I didn’t think they worried about being late over there!


    1. Absolutely right Cheryl, they are not.


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