Back to Business

Well before we had been given the green light to re-open the clubhouse a few hearty individuals (Birdy & Pistol) worked tirelessly to ensure that we would be ready at the first opportunity to open our doors again. It has been no small task and our enormous thanks go to both chaps for their hard work. Thank you also goes to Tony Bray who has provided us with the signage required.

As you could imagine there will be a lot of new processes in place to allow us to openly safely and follow the government guidelines.

Below is a poster that covers the information that our punters need to know before arriving. But in true health & safety fashion there will be plenty of signage available. So don’t worry there will be no spot tests.. or will there?!

For full details of all the processes we will have place take a look at the attached Risk Assessment and Track & trace register we will be using at the bottom of this article.

Hopefully along with the bar opening we will also get a chance to watch some cricket soon. Seems strange that we can have 22 people in the bar area but not outside in an open space exercising! But we are grateful that we get to start moving again and the club is being used.

We look forward to seeing you fit & healthy at Pounds Close soon. Stay safe and please follow all the guidelines, guidance and all that jazz so we can get back to our normal crazy selves soon!

One response to “Back to Business”

  1. Good effort Birdy and Pete. Thanks for letting everyone know Ali.


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