Frocester Cricket Club Limited

President – John Hawkins
ChairJohn Evans
Vice-Chair – Unallocated*
SecretaryEric Woodmason
TreasurerMike Fishwick
Fixture Secretary Eric Woodmason (League & Friendlies), Kathryn Catto (Youth)
Chair of SelectorsAli Downey
Youth Co-ordinatorKathryn Catto
Pounds Close
Eric Woodmason
St Peter’s Field – Nev Gardiner
CWOWendy Hawkins
Deputy CWOKathryn Catto
Trustee Representative – Nikki Pinker
Press Reports Eric Woodmason
LicenceeChris Whincup
Bar ManagerEric Bird
Subs Collection – Kay Davis
Players RepresentativeChris Whincup
Play-CricketEric Woodmason
Frocestercc.comTony Bray
Social MediaAli Bray

*To be allocated at a later date.

Board of Directors

John Evans, Dave Poultney, Mike Fishwick, Eric Woodmason, Nick Trainor, Wendy Hawkins, Mark Helmke, Chris Whincup, Ali Bray, Ali Downey, Eric Bird, Kathryn Catto

General Committee

John Evans, Eric Woodmason, Mike Fishwick, Kathryn Catto, Mark Helmke, Chris Whincup, Ali Bray, Rich Tuck, Phil Herbert, Eric Bird, Dave Poultney, Nikki Pinker, Wendy Hawkins, Paul Mukasa, Ali Downey, James Clarkson, Dan Cave, George Davis, John Hawkins, James Cook, Denise Holder, Andrew Marson

Cricket Committee

Nick Trainor, Eric Woodmason, Chris Whincup, Uzi Qureshi, Sam Birch, Ali Downey, George Davis

Alcohol Committee

Eric Bird, Chris Whincup

Grounds Committee

Eric Woodmason, Nev Gardiner, John Hawkins, Dan Cave

Frocester Cricket Club Supporters Group

Chair – Dave Poultney
Hon. Secretary – Wendy Hawkins
Hon. Treasurer – Sharon Tudor
Web Site Administrator – Tony Bray

Supporters Club Board of Directors

John Evans, Mike Fishwick, Mark Helmke, Nikki Pinker, Rich Tuck, Dave Poultney, Chris Whincup


Rich Tuck, Carolynne Hill, Nikki Pinker, Chris Whincup, Jim Clarkson, Mel Wellings, Marjorie Hawkins, Andrew Marson, Sue Lynch, Lianne Matthews

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