Open afternoon


img_5103I speak on behalf of the Chairman, committee and all connected to the club in one capacity or another when I wish you a successful, peaceful and happy new year.

Just before Christmas, Evo kindly organised, in conjunction with Marc and Dom from the construction company Fromebridge Construction, an open afternoon allowing an opportunity to come see the progress so far first hand.

With most of the exterior work complete now the scaffolding was taken down.

It seemed everyone was impressed with just how it is all falling into place. The elements that was of the most interest was those internally as let’s face it you have seen plenty of pictures of the outside over the past few months.


The view you see here above is of the front entrance and stairs leading up to the changing rooms. Next to the stairs is the lift well.

These next two pictures show the end of the skittle alley and to the side the new toilet blocks, which include ladies, gents and a disabled bathroom.

The kitchen seems to be slightly larger but it is difficult to highlight in a photograph with the fixtures and fittings still to be installed.

Naturally there is still a lot of work to do as the plasterers, carpenters and electricians need to do their bit.

Moving up alevel to the changing rooms, yes the balcony and external stairs still need to be fitted but the view from that area is really good. On a clear day you can see straight into Poulter’s kitchen. When indeed this was pointed out to Dave he muttered something about not being able to walk around naked any longer and he will have to buy curtains!

Right then, down to the business end….Birdy’s Bar! Again this is looking good. The old lounge may be marginally larger but not a great deal. The moving of the kitchen door has helped to create a little extra room in the bar area. However the biggest difference is the space that was by the ‘long’ part of the old bar. As you will see in the photographs.

The actual bar is bigger with more counter space. Room for 3 or even 4 to serve behind. 3 large French windows will allow plenty of light and a nice breeze in hopefully a long hot summer to come.

For those, for whatever reason could not make the afternoon I trust these pictures offer you an insight into the new pavilion, one which will be very nice indeed when finally completed. Apologies if some of the pictures appear dark but it was the 23rd December.

There is some external work to be completed as I mentioned earlier, the balcony and stairs. Also some form of steps to exit from the bar and lounge areas out onto pitch side. A small patio area is too be laid and I understand a new flagpole.

All in all not too shabby and I will leave you with a final couple of pictures of the clock tower and weather vane.

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