Serious post!

Before I start avid readers I must point out a very serious matter than has come to light. Well meaning individuals have been entering through the main site gate to view the new construction. We are all keen to monitor the progress but please be aware it is a building site full of dangers and unseen hazards. Apart from interrupting the builders who are working flat out to complete as much as possible before any bad weather. The guys on site are very concerned about some recent occurrences and we wish to point out that if you want to witness the fantastic work these guys are doing then please do it by coming in through the bottom gate and walking up to the safety fence and observe. It is called a safety fence for a reason. You can certainly see most of the work from that angle. Thank you for your understanding of this matter… now back to the nonsense you usually associate with these posts.


As I am now working full time down on the outskirts of Bristol I need to leave early in the morning and it is virtually dark when I arrive home, so therefore many thanks to  Young Skywalker, namely Ali Bray, aka George Doors for taking the time out of his busy day to photograph this current batch of pictures for us. 

As official photographers recording the construction we have received special permission and are are under very strict safety guidelines, including safety helmets and clothing etc when capturing these shots. At the risk of being boring I repeat please do not try to enter the site yourselves.

Adrian, you will note the scorers box is coming on well. I have noted there is a gap for you to enter, which will be bricked up once you are inside. Naturally there will be a window for you to be able to ply your trade of scoring, which will also serve as an opening to pass through food and drink from time to time.


It is not all work as you will note from the picture above as one of the team is practicing his pole vaulting skills during a break. 


 I have to say that it is starting to look impressive and appears, in my eyes at least bigger than I though it would be. But enough of my beer belly back to the new build, it won’t be long before we see some sort of roof going up and rest assured as soon as it does we will be there to capture the moment. Don’t forget to look on for more pictures and a complete record of the demolition and construction thus far.

Anyway I am sorry but that’s all today folks as I am tired and ready for bed from having to work for a living again. 



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