I can see my house from up here.

It was at great personal risk, my right foot perilously dangling within a noose connected to a drone, these pictures have been brought to you. I apologise that it has taken a while to publish them but every time I viewed them with the intention of placing them on the website I came over in a hot flush as I recalled the moment when my foot slipped out and I fell to the ground. Fortunately I landed on something soft, my arse! Oh how all the builders giggled with some choking on their Beluga Caviar and fancy red wine. “Just dropping in for lunch”  I muttered before making a hasty retreat.  I was vexed indeed at such hilarity; that could have been a serious accident for goodness sake. Oh by the way Pistol if you are reading this, I was wearing a helmet but as I was upside down it kept dangling off my head.  Anyway I certainly made an impression, which was in the bread slices of the salmon sandwiches the guys were passing around their lunch table. Undeterred I took flight again and following a brief encounter with a Tornado jet who buzzed me thinking I may have been a Russian spy I managed to capture some unusual shots of the footprint of the new pavilion.

The aforementioned Typhoon must have engaged some sort of scrambling device as the drone spun round several times and took me off in the direction of Eastington, which was very handy as it saved me having to drive home. I was in no fit state to get behind the wheel of a car after all that.

On a serious note for a moment, these pictures are actually used with the very kind permission of  Avon Archaeology Limited. Kingswood, Bristol, Many thanks to them for some great shots. A couple more can be found on the web site along with many other pictures from the demolition and rebuild of ‘The Shack’.

The latest update on the building is that the walls are rising fast with scaffolding actually part erected at one end of the building.  Everyday sees a significant change it seems. With the clocks going back an hour next weekend and it gets dark earlier the only opportunity for picture updates will be at the weekend so you will be pleased to note these posts will appear less frequently.


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