Giant yellow spider.


The digger looks like a giant spider sat on top of his kill guarding what is below….. Apologies my mind just drifted off there for a second. Can’t blame my ramblings on drink as it looks like the bar is closed. I blame the heat!

I was expecting to see an empty site today, Thursday, but there was even more rubble when I arrived. It looks like all the floor has been smashed up now adding to the pile.

I must say how neat and tidy the whole site looks around the old pavilion. The guys have been very precise and caused seemingly no damage anywhere around the footprint of the old place. You can even see in the foreground the old flag post support left unscathed.

As it is now getting a bit boring more or less seeing the same old scene I won’t add another post until something changes and it looks different. I am guessing that will be when the site is cleared away completely of all debris. Or someone catches sight of Whif. Hmm, the driver of the digger looks familiar, no it couldn’t be….could it?

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