Tree’s a jolly good fellow.

img_3386Some nice comments chaps, thanks for the feedback, perhaps then I will continue the blog. Damn I hear you say, thought we’d seen the last of this drivel. Tuesday lunchtime and the openings are all sheeted off whilst the small traces of asbestos are removed. Also being removed are the trees around the scorers box. Even a small thing like that makes a huge difference. Now if only the branches obscuring the score box could be lopped of as well we would enjoy next summer without having to bend double to see the score. Although there was a rumour that a secondary, smaller scoring unit may be erected down the bottom end of the ground? Wednesday is the big one when the old girl gets flattened. Well I did warn her I didn’t want cheese sandwiches again to be fair. Oh yes and the ‘Shack’ is being knocked down as well. That is going to make an interesting picture. Wonder what that will reveal? Thinking about it Whif has not been seen at the club for a couple of years and was last seen asleep on one of the sofa’s…just saying, it’ll be nice to see him again.

One response to “Tree’s a jolly good fellow.”

  1. Good job I am not still in my box !


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