Friday 26th February

A day of shopping and sunbathing for many, this the last full day before packing everything in the cases for the trip home.

A quiet day then followed but with some anticipation of the fines evening ahead. So straight onto the evening then. I am sure you would not expect me to reveal what went on and why people were fined. The new fines committee comprised of some of the younger element on tour and they did a fantastic job as the room filled with laughter.

Dinner was taken and this was followed by drinks until the wee hours of the next morning. Highlight has to be the re-enactment of the Full Monty by some of the boys who stood facing the sea at the waters edge butt naked waving their shorts in the air. Not to be outdone a few of the young ladies decided they could stage an equally entertaining performance.  Standing waving tops in the air. All good innocent fun that had the other guests and even the waitresses rushing to watch and shrieking with laughter.

The clock struck midnight and Kate’s birthday was greeted with a chorus of happy birthday from those gallant troops still able to string two words together. A couple of impromptu ‘bombs’ in the pool and the night ended with people drifting back to their rooms.

This will be the last blog of the tour and I hope it may have amused, informed and offered a feel of what this unique trip is all about.

The essence of the tour is all about fun and that we had in abundance. Although it may come across as such it was not all about drinking, although there was plenty available if required. The group was a perfect blend of all ages and the chemistry was excellent with everyone mixing well, even if they did not even know each other before. New friends have been made and existing ones strengthened.

The hotel was as good as the first trip here 2 years ago, in fact some things have improved slightly. Everyone seemed very comfortable in the hotel complex and it has a nice feel about it. For those who remember, the same sort of feel as the old  Escape at the Gap.

So the question is do we do it again?

It appears the overwhelming response from certainly those here now is a definite yes. So good people pencil in your diaries February/March 2018 for a 2 week fun filled experience. A get together back at Frocester in the near future to confirm but more than likely we will return to The Barbados Beach Club. The general consensus is we limit the numbers to 50 and see what the overall response is.

This tour is not confined to Frocester club members, it is open to all and if you play cricket even better.

Thanks for reading this drivel, see you back at the club.


4 responses to “Friday 26th February”

  1. Cheers Rico, just tried to keep it simple. Hopefully yes to Ladies night.


  2. Many thanks for the running commentary on the trip. Made us both very jealous. Obviously a job in travel writing beckons. See you at Ladies Night?


  3. good work young Bray … it almost felt like I was there


    1. Thanks Bryan.


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