Thursday 25th February

Todays blog will be very short good people. Following a simply great day on Wednesday, the aftermatch celebrations and for some the late night/early morning partying down ‘The Gap’  has taken it’s toll.

It is a broken team of cricketers this morning when they did eventually surface. Not just the players but many of the tour party appeared to be in recovery mode.

Funny sort of day as there was for the island a much welcome rain shower very first thing in the morning and a slightly heavier one in the evening. The island is experiencing a drought currently following lack of rainfall.

In between those showers it was so hot it was almost impossible to lay in full sun due to the intense heat. A good deal of protection was needed, shade and it was a case of hoping a cloud would come over and lower the temperature just a little.  Not complaining at all though as we will soon be back home to the wonderful British weather.

We did have a short sharp shower in the afternoon which caused all those on the beach to seek somewhere to shelter for a minute or two.  All that is except one tour party member who decided to remain where he was laying. He remained there soaking wet until he heard the clink of plates as afternoon sandwiches and cake was served. You will note therefore that it is not all about booze, partying and singing!

It seemed that several groups of tourists decided tonight to leave the hotel and enjoy a last meal out at one of the many and varied restaurants on offer. Tomorrow will see the rugby on at one of the sports bars, as we are 4 hours behind that means a late afternoon kick off. It is also fines night and a last opportunity to sample nearby Oistins friday fish fry.

Sorry that’s it for today, it is now 06.50 and I am off for a cup of tea and to sit around on the patio area by the pool talking nonsense with a few of the others and recalling the events of the previous day, those that cannot be written about and will stay here on tour. That is until the lure of breakfasts tempts us in.


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