Monday 15th February

Another day of adjusting to our new surroundings and to be fair most have done that with ease. Many choosing to relax on the beach or around the pool. The food on offer so far has been really good with a good selection and all cooked  very well. I think it is fair to say that some of us may put on weight.

A group of 8 went off to The Barbados Golf Club for a game to celebrate a birthday. A few stories to follow as they filter through.

One poor person needed to attend the local health centre following a reaction to a bite but all is well I am pleased to announce. The local mosquitos however are all dying off due to alcohol poisoning.

For some the afternoon session at the bar lasted until closing time. The evening gathering ended with group singing, badly I hasten to add, but much to the amusement of some of the local guys who had never heard certain rugby songs before.

We had a brief visit this evening from another friend of the Frocester touring group, the manager of the Barbados national team who today completed a victory over the Windward Isles. Their next game starts on Friday against Guyana and on the Saturday a few of us will be attending. The Saturday at The Kensington Oval is a special day as the Barbados management and team are using the day to raise awareness and money for a local breast cancer organisation. The theme for the day is for everyone attending to wear pink; more on that with pictures on Sunday’s notes.

Speaking of cricket one of the local boys who we have become friends with over the years and turns out for us on ocassions has been called up to The West Indies T20 World Cup squad, so congratulations are due to Ashley Nurse.

It is 5.38am as I am typing this and it is starting to become a little lighter and it will soon be time for the ‘6 on the beach’ bob in the sea. Disappointly low turn out it must be said thus far, I wonder why? After last night there are a few that I will certainly be surprised to see surface. Unless of course they are still asleep in the bar! Although it is claimed it could be the best hangover cure ever as the breaking waves crash over your head. We will see.

Finally then for today, I will try and take some pictures to include tomorrow. In the meantime below is yesterday’s early morning dip.


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  1. I’m impressed by the early starts !


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