Sunday 14th February

Before today’s ramblings new light has been forthcoming on an incident yesterday. It involves an individual who was wearing camouflage shorts and in fairness there were a very pale design. However under local laws no one is allowed to wear any clothing of this type. So it was that person was told he could not wear them. Damn I narrowed it down to who it was to tying ‘he’. Anyway following that advice from an official the offending person instantly dropped the offending apparel and stood there in his boxers whilst waiting for his luggage to arrive. Yes it was in the middle of baggage retrieval.

Onto today’s musings then. The 6.00am ‘Bob’ in the sea was a lonely affair with just two senior tour party members in attendance. It was a short while later when bedraggled members dragged their feet down to beach.

International rugby was showing at a nearby sports bar, formerly known as The Whistling Frog now renamed as The Sporting Pig the quiet ambience of a Sunday morning was suddenly shattered as a group of Frocester tourist gathered in the bar. 2 hours later and 180 bottles of beer consumed the gallant troops walked back to the hotel along the treacherous soft sandy beach some half a mile away. I think they all made it back. We counted them out and counted them back in.

A relatively quiet afternoon followed, relaxing by the pool and/or bar. Yours truly was feeling very tired so retired to beauty sleep quite early. Any incidents that may have occurred later may or may not be reported in tomorrow’s blog.

2 responses to “Sunday 14th February”

  1. Any pictures Yet?


    1. Pictures to follow as soon as I am sober enough to hold the camera still. Rum flowing freely it must be said.


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