Barbados 2021 – POSTPONED

What better way to recuperate from the nightmare we are currently experiencing.  Fun in the sun for two weeks next February with a visit to The Caribbean. 

There are currently some 30 people already signed up to travel so far but it still remains open for anyone to join in, subject to availability with Virgin or TUI.  Note you do not have to be a member of FCC as the tour is open to all. 

A few more players please would be great so we can actually play a few games.  We have 3 fixtures all lined up for us if we want them. 

We will be there for Valentines Day and something special is being lined up for that sunday too.

Flying with Virgin out of Gatwick on Friday 12th February.  A coach will be arranged to transport you to and from Gatwick.  Please be aware the first week is also school half term.  Virgin can also offer a 10 day trip if that is of any interest.  There may still be an option to fly out on Thursday 11th, out of Birmingham with TUI, again subject to availability.

For further information please contact Tony Bray. 

(email: or send a message on 07968 400332)

Barbados Stories

North Stars visit 2018

Welcome good friends Wednesday 15th August saw the visit of our very good friends from Crab Hill, St Lucy in Barbados. North Stars arrived for a day of cricket and socialising and a huge success it was too. A good number of folks came along to support the day and say hello. A huge thank…

First full day

We all arrived safely and eventually were dropped off at our relevant hotel along with our luggage, well, nearly all that is because during the check in process Pistol was seen running between the two hotels looking for two suitcases for him and Jane that never turned up where they should have. I am assuming…

Cricket tour to the Caribbean

Well dear readers two years have passed since the last blog, which followed the progress of the new pavilion build. You should have all recovered by now so here we go with a new series of updates following the fortunes of 60 intrepid explorers as they engage in a cricket tour to Barbados. As one…

Friday 26th February

A day of shopping and sunbathing for many, this the last full day before packing everything in the cases for the trip home. A quiet day then followed but with some anticipation of the fines evening ahead. So straight onto the evening then. I am sure you would not expect me to reveal what went…

Thursday 25th February

Todays blog will be very short good people. Following a simply great day on Wednesday, the aftermatch celebrations and for some the late night/early morning partying down ‘The Gap’  has taken it’s toll. It is a broken team of cricketers this morning when they did eventually surface. Not just the players but many of the…

Wednesday 24th February

Today there was an air of anticipation for the day ahead, could this be the day we record our first victory on the current tour? It was an earlier start for the trip up than normal as we had planned as a surprise to take a detour to the Kensington Oval for the purpose of…


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