An insiders view .

What’s happening on the inside I hear you ask, well good question and I hope to enlighten you with a few pictures. I sent our intrepid photographer, Ali (George Doors) on a mission to capture the scene during daylight hours. We have still been lucky with the weather to allow the outer shell to be made weather proof ahead of the winter, although we are bracing ourselves for the first storm of this autumn/winter with fast approaching Storm Angus ready to make an appearance. Let us hope he does not cause too much damage, stay safe out there people.

The pictures you see show the outline of the new bar, the one above taken taken from the lounge area. You will note the larger bar area with more room both sides of the counter. Also how much light will shine through with the three large doors along the pitch facing wall. This should mean we will be able to walk in and out of the bar area without people standing in the doorway blocking any entrance or exit. Okay I admit I was guilty of that at times as most of us were if we are honest.


The second picture again captures the new bar but looking  towards the Bath Road end of the lounge. The framework you see is the cellar and admin office at the far end. The picture below is the kitchen, on the left, standing almost at the start of what will be the skittle alley. The main entrance is pretty much is the same place just beyond the kitchen door you see there. The new toilet facilities are further on down toward the bottom end of the pavilion. For the ladies a much improved trip awaits your call of nature, one without having to weave your way through a busy lounge area, especially when there is cricket or rugby on the TV and that area is full of bodies and beer glasses. It will of course also mean you won’t be walking in front the TV when we are trying to watch….. only joking ladies! 

Moving on we see the work going on ‘upstairs’ with the changing rooms taking shape. Almost at the end of this post now you will be relieved to know; you see the view that will be from one of the changing rooms. The scaffolding is still in place and the balcony has yet to be erected but it offers a glimpse of what it will be. The changing room area on the first floor for those who do not know will include, naturally home and away facilities but also an umpires room and  ladies changing facilities. There will be a lift to allow any disabled sportsmen and women to enjoy the fantastic facilities available. Of course there will be a staircase from the entrance hall to the first floor. To the front there will be a winding ramp up to the balcony and the glass fronted changing rooms.

I could not end without a couple of pictures of the outside.


I trust that offers an update of how well things are progressing, especially for our friends who are not in a position to be able to view for themselves. More especially our friends all over the world. I know for a fact there is a very keen interest following this development from countries far afield such as Australia, USA, Barbados and South Africa to name but a few.

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  1. Another brilliant post…
    Cheers Tony


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