The lost city of Frocester

Looking more like a scene from an excavation, expecting to find artefacts and skeletons, glasses and Whif it is more pleasing to remember this is the foundations of something special and further magical moments to follow in the years ahead.

img_3539 We have certainly been blessed with some good weather, thus allowing work to proceed at pace. It only seems like yesterday we were stripping down the club in preparation of the knockdown. Yet here we are with concrete being poured into the new foundations.

You would have noticed a theme running here regarding some missing glasses and a missing person. Please don’t read too much into the glasses as I am sure they will be found in the days on ahead.

As for the missing person and as mentioned in the previous post he has been spotted. I am hoping too grab a few words from him in the next few days, rearrange them into a legible sentence and reveal the thoughts of Whif in due course. So keep watching for the latest developments.

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