Where to start?

Quite a momentous weekend has just slipped by, not quietly but very loudly indeed. Saturday witnessed a lunch for many past players spanning several generations, with memorabilia and photos adorning the walls and old video film footage playing on the TV. There was an evening party that lasted until 6.00 am the next morning but more details of that can be found on the web site rather than using space on this blog. After all the blog is about the demolition and construction of the clubhouse. Interesting to note however he club was broken into after the party had finished and it was in such a mess that the intruders took pity and cleared it all up instead.

What greeted us #1







A few hardy souls arrived at 9.00 am to start the clear out and more and more turned up as the morning progressed. Rob Dukes was a man on a mission taking his hammer to anything that didn’t move, that certainly kept everyone on their toes! Jim Curtis became an expert in removing window frames and their were quite a few to remove. Unfortunately in the afternoon drinks session at The George whist relieving himself Jim carried on were he left off and took out the window in the pub loo.

Master window remover Jim Curtis in action

With so many willing helpers it not take long for the majority of the club to be cleared of all the items we were keeping and numerous very large container/skips were filled with items to be replaced. The cellar and all the piping was removed and at one point ‘Pistol’ Pete Davis had to go home and change his underpants as yours truly took a flash photograph at the very moment he cut through an electric cable…sorry pistol. 

Pistol about to touch cloth

A symbolic gesture at the end of the days work was when Nogger in his JCB decided to drive straight into the kitchen thereby being the first one to physically knock down part of the main structure of the clubhouse. He had a smile from ear to ear. The very fact he didn’t tell anyone he was going to do it saw several persons come scuttling out of the pavilion, rapidly it must be said, from all directions all wondering what the heck was going on uttering some words that I have not even heard before. 

Nogger’s moment of pleasure
The remains of Nogger’s symbolic efforts

That’s enough comment for now and I will leave you with a few pictures to capture the scene. I will add even more pictures to the main website http://www.frocestercc.com aka ‘The Red Picket Fence’ as soon as time allows.



One response to “Where to start?”

  1. The start of anew beginning !

    It was a good party as I remember !


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