Friday 19th February

Wow what a scorcher today, unofficial temperatures read 35 degrees. Not a day for anything too energetic, even lying on a sun bed was almost too much effort. Sitting by the bar in the shade was a slight improvement and of course this had the advantage of something cold and refreshing near to hand.

The view from the breakfast table this morning. Rubbish isn’t it? The netting by the way is to stop the local birds coming in and pinching the food off the table.

After two busy days it was nice to do nothing although some did make their own way further afield. A few brave souls ventured into Bridgetown, some up to Speightstown and a couple traveled to Holetown.

Later in the day the majority prepared themselves for the evening ahead at The Oistins Friday Fish Fry. They started drifting off around 6.00pm in numerous taxis. Those that remained tucked into the extra food available due the absence of a good number of guests. A few fellow tourist also decided to take the same attitude to the bar stocks!

Many returned by 10.00am and either retired to the bar or to bed. The younger element of the party decided it was time to enjoy Harbour Lights, which is a ‘Club’ with all you can drink for a set fee, music and partying on the beach. I am typing this at 4.20 in the morning and I don’t believe they have made it back yet!

So not a lot to report today other than a lot of people catching the sun more than they planned.

Hopefully tomorrows post will have more substance.


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