Chairman’s End Of Season Report

After one of the most challenging years to be Chairman of our Cricket Club, I feel the time is right to update you on the season that we are close to completing. During lockdown we had some of the best cricket weather that any early season cricket would have enjoyed. Sod’s law determined that it would change when cricket was allowed to start and of course it did. We did however play some cricket and indeed on every occasion bar one, managed to put out four teams in their respective Covid leagues. Nick Trainor and the Cricket Committee including the Captains, decided that we would use the season to give our younger players the opportunity to gain experience at the appropriate level. There being no promotion or relegation this was a great way to develop our youngsters. I would like to thank our Captains Uzi Quereshi, Sam Birch, Ali Downey, George Davis and Denise Holder for their efforts especially dealing with the difficulties this season. I’m pleased to say that they are all willing to continue next season. The highlight for me was again the run in the Village Knockout with our very young team reaching the Quarter Final. I hope one day the club will return to Lords and unlike this year have lots of supporters allowed in to watch them. I must mention our Club Licensee Chris Whincup and his excellent batting in several of the games. Frocester Ladies are growing from strength to strength and were unbeaten in Softball Cricket and won half of their Hardball League Matches. 

The Youth Cricket was obviously affected but I would like to thank Wigs Catto for her innovative leadership together with the youth coaches. 

I would now like to thank all our Volunteers, Groundsmen, Scorers, Committee, Officials and Supporters. Without you the club could not function. I am going to single out two for special praise in Ali Bray and Slim Catto. These two have made a massive contribution this season. Ali has enhanced the Social Media enormously to keep Frocester CC in the news with regular updates. He also set up our Just Giving Page and more of that later. Slim has worked tirelessly on setting up scoring and live feed coverage of the matches which now means the club’s matches can be followed from afar. I understand also that Slim and Wigs have gained some very useful net facilities for St Peter’s Field from Malvern College. Well done and thank you everyone. 

As I mentioned earlier, Ali set up a Just Giving page for donations thank you so much to those who have donated. We are going to keep the link open as our income stream is obviously curtailed in these difficult times. If anyone who hasn’t donated yet but would like to help the club stay solvent here is the link:

On to a couple of retirements which cannot pass without my comment and extreme praise and thanks for their efforts. 

Mark Helmke has worked behind the scenes to not only help raise the funds for the new pavilion but also been my right hand man in setting up the club as a Company Limited by Guarantee preserving Community Amateur Sports Club status and ensuring committee members are not liable to any major financial loss. Mark has decided the time is right to come off the committee and I cannot thank him enough for all he has done. 

The next retiree after 28 Years is our esteemed Bar Manager and Club Legend Eric Bird. He has decided that the time is right to pass over the reins and I’m sure you will join me in thanking him in the time honoured way when the time is right. Unfortunately the new Covid rules have made it impossible to hold our planned event of a Cricket match, music and a great social get together. In discussion with President ‘Nogger’ Hawkins and licensee Chris Whincup we have decided to hold over the Presidents XI v Chairman’s XI match due on 26th September until after the Covid pandemic has disappeared and we are able to give Birdy the special day he deserves. 

Winter well and above all Stay Safe. Best Wishes Evo

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