Underground viewing area


The state of the art underground viewing area is now taking shape. Here we see the new periscopes in position. The entrance I have been informed is down the ladder you see in the background and the picture below. This will lead you into a subterranean chamber via a corridor to the viewing area under the new clubhouse. Visitors will be asked not to make too much noise as this may filter up through into the new lounge area, where respected senior members will either be enjoying some light reading, sipping wine, exchanging pleasantries or simply taking an afternoon nap.
Correspondingly those ‘above ground’ members will in turn be asked not to break wind or belch too loudly, raise their voices or indulge in advice to our own players,  the opposition players and/or officials or whosoever’s round it is next. Anything that may, in any way spoil the enjoyment of our underground Mole people.
Finally a word of warning to any of you who may wish to take this trip next season and that is to be mindful to turn right at the bottom of the ladder. Failure to do do so may result in an untimely inspection of the new septic tank and we don’t want that, do weee.

On a seriously note for a moment, B flat……What we see here is a layer of blocking that when finished will be followed by a 6 inch layer of insulation added, then on top of which will be 3 inches of concrete. This will create the new floor ready for the next exciting development, which will see things looking up as the walls will start to rise.



One response to “Underground viewing area”

  1. Another brilliant composition Tony, still no sign of the glasses?


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