I think the robotic mower is great for the profile of the club. From a practical point of view, it will reduce my workload and will reduce costs, which is clearly very beneficial. Being regularly cut, I’m expecting the quality of the grass to improve too. I will try to stripe the outfield on a Saturday morning, but, I’m sure the ground will look as good as ever.” – Eric Woodmason, Head Groundsman

On a windy Tuesday lunchtime Dave & Chris Whincup from Dursley Garden Machinery arrived at Pounds Close. Why? Because they have installed a robot mower by AMS Robotics. This new technology is very exciting and we are delighted to have been chosen to home the robot. Don’t worry we are not putting the illustrious groundsman out of work in fact we are helping free up his time to work on the wicket and maintain, what is already, one of the most beautiful village cricket grounds in the country. The mower will work tirelessly during the week keeping the grass cut to a set length. It goes off does it work then heads back to base and re-charges itself. Very clever stuff! This means Eric will only need to run the sit on mower once a week to give it the aesthetically pleasing stripes.

We are very excited to have the Belrobotics ParcMow installed at Pounds Close. It is great opportunity for us to work alongside Frocester Cricket Club and AMS Robotics to showcase the benefits of robotic mowing on Sports Fields and in particular on cricket pitches. The regular cutting will provide a huge benefit to the health of the grass and will keep the outfield in pristine condition. The robot will free up a lot of time for Eric as it will greatly reduce the amount of work he has to do in order to maintain the outfield, allowing him to focus more on other parts of the ground.

The ParcMow will also have a big environmental impact due to the fact that it will vastly reduce the amount of use required from the current Gang mower that is used to cut the outfield, and will reduce the Club’s Carbon Footprint. 

We hope this partnership with Frocester CC will be mutually beneficial as it will enable us to showcase the Belrobotics machines to other Cricket clubs and Sports clubs and will provide Frocester with a state of the art autonomous solution for cutting the cricket field.” – Chris Whincup, Dursley Garden Machinery

We will also have a robot mower installed at St Peter’s field. This gives Nev some extra time to enjoy a nice cold pint in the evening rather than be working full time at the stadium! Another already stunning venue that will only improve with this technology.

St Peter’s Field

If you are interested in coming to have a look or require some more information about this project. Give the guys at Dursley Garden Machinery a call on 01453 543847, visit their website, https://dursleyfgm.co.uk, and follow them on social media.

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