My All Time Frocester XI – Sam Birch

1. Nick Trainor

Don’t overthink this, best opening batter we’ve had and he’s also extremely useful bowler, a person who I would want on my team and not the opposition.

Nick Trainor Statistics

2. Keith Mustow

Difficult to choose between him and current 1st team Uzi, however I’ve gone with Musty as he was an elegant left hander who for the few seasons we had him always got us off to a great start.

Keith Mustow Statistics

3. Paul Muchall

One of our best ever players, all rounder cricketer, could bat long and run well between wickets, immense fielder and his bowling was another level, wouldn’t be the new ball bowler though!

Paul Muchall Statistics

4. Mark Hardinges

Dingers was simply amazing for the couple of seasons we had him, he never took many wickets but if you looked at the scorebook he would always nip out the top 2/3 or the best batters, would be new ball bowler in this team, he just churned runs as well.

Mark Hardinges Statistics

5. Tom Wand

Had the purple patch for 4 seasons where he looked like scoring a 100 every week, decent fielding option to have doing long off end to end at the death.

Tom Wand Statistics

6. Louis Gegg

Best wicket keeper we’ve had, made the game so easy when he was up to the stumps, useful player of spin so why he’s in middle and not opening.

Louis Gegg Statistics

7. Ashley Davis

Just so consistent throughout the years, can bat multiple ways of rebuilding to full on crop mode, even ex pros marvelled at how clean he could hit a ball, useful spin option and another gun fielder to have in the side.

Ashley Davis Statistics

8. Anthony Caddy

My 1 overseas in the team, would be a new ball bowler, took 35ish league wickets in his one season, just was horrible to face and again always took early wickets and a fierce competitor.

Anthony Caddy Statistics

9. Oli Jones

On his day, no one could play him, for someone who didn’t spin it much he would get so many LBW’s, useful lower order batter always seemed to be 20 not out at the end.

Oli Jones Statistics

10. Richie Cave

What a bowler to have coming on when a team are 2/3 down early, Geggy up to the stumps and a spinner at the other end, taken so many wickets for the club, always great to see the double fist pump even if it’s number 11 he’s getting out!

Richie Cave Statistics

11. Courtney Ricketts

Another spinner but just so accurate and annoying to face, he made spin bowling look so easy, his economy rate would help others to take the wickets as they have to attack other bowlers.

Courtney Ricketts Statistics

If you want to have a go at naming an all time Frocester XI drop me an email,

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