My All Time Frocester Lefties XI – Chris Whincup

1. Ian Smith

Ian Smith Statistics

2. Chris Whincup

Chris Whincup Statistics

3. Ali Bray

Ali Bray Statistics

4. Louis Gegg (wk)

Louis Gegg Statistics

5. Paul Lazenbury

Paul Lazenbury Statistics

6. Cavan Ditchman (c)

Cavan Ditchmen Statistics

7. Nick Bird

Nick Bird Statistics

8. Chris Pritchard

Chris Pritchard Statistics

9. Courtney Ricketts

Courtney Ricketts Statistics

10. Eric Woodmason

Eric Woodmason Statistics

11. Ali Downey

Ali Downey Statistics

If you want to have a go at naming an all time Frocester XI drop me an email,

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