Frocester’s Greatest Overseas

In 1999 we decided to take the leap and get ourselves an overseas player. It came with instant success as Brett was a key member of the 1st XI that won the three counties league. It was a very memorable season as all three sides won the league. It was so successful that the 1st & 2nd XI won the league without losing a game and the 3rd XI won the league and managed to go undefeated until the last game of the season. That is a story for another time.

As we enter the 60th year at Pounds Close why not celebrate the overseas players that have graced the hallowed turf. And what better way to remember them by running a fan vote to see which one made the biggest impact. A few areas to cover off before we get into it!

We have had 20 players come over to play for us since 1999. Not all of them played for the 1st XI but that doesn’t mean they made any less of an impact. So we have included all of them in this poll. The next item to note that the guys in the early days didn’t have their games put on Play-Cricket so we don’t have their stats. But note that despite this they were actually some of the most talented cricketers we have seen at Frocester.

So dig deep into the memory bank and rekindle some of those moments that have stuck with you over the years from nights in the warehouse to building breezer towers in the shack and everything in between… Maybe even some on-field stuff too!

The poll will be open for a couple of weeks and we would encourage you to use our social media channels to share memories of these fantastic players. Check out their player card before scrolling to the bottom to vote.