• News has come through that the old alley has finally left the building to take up residence in pastures new.  I will try and find out its new location so some of you sentimental old fools among us and go and visit from time to time. Then trip over the thing just like the old days!
  • For the 2016/2017 season, whilst the new pavilion is being constructed temporary homes will be required to fulfill the fixtures.
  • It is understood that The Cricketers will play at Leonard Stanley Social Club
  • The Spinners at The Fox and Hounds at Coaley.
  • Can the other teams advise so they can be added to this list please

Highlights from the the last skittles match played on the old alley on Wednesday 20th April, 2016.
Fittingly it was between the two club teams ‘The Spinners’ and ‘The Cricketers’.

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