There has been no expense spared in the search for Keith Wand’s glasses. We are beginning to think they may have either picked up by mistake or stolen by someone who knows the area. In fact police have informed us that several suspects have been seen wearing glasses in the Frocester area, detectives are investigating these sightings and have issued a statement saying anyone spotted wearing spectacles can consider themselves a suspect.

Meanwhile the diggers are still going down and the scene has not changed a lot at Pounds Close. A quick look today and you can just see the top of the digger such is the depth of the hole that has been created at one end. That’s going to be a mighty big septic tank installed, probably much needed though I am thinking.

For those of you who may be concerned reports are flooding in that Whif has been spotted in the area! Following some constructive comments towards the staff at The Fox in Coaley it appears the poor lad has been misunderstood and has had to take up drinking in the Frocester George for the time being. At least we know he’s alright that’s the main thing. I will try and set up a camouflaged hide in the courtyard to see if I can capture glimpses of him with my camera in the bar, but he is a wily old fox….oops shouldn’t have mentioned Fox and bar in the same sentence.