Karaoke, parts 1 & 2

Past Players Lunch and Bonkers 2 – Saturday 3rd September










Alison and Mel



The only word to describe what happened on Saturday night.

The game was drawing to a conclusion with a victory in sight for the 2nd XI. All eyes were on the pitch and scoreboard unaware of what was happening behind them. In through the door arrived lights, speakers, cables and many other weird and wonderful electronic devices. There was a look of bewilderment from the more senior members of the club at all the pieces of piping and cable, whilst holding an optimistic thought that it was a recreation of a scene from 50 shades of grey. However it soon became an apparent that it was indeed a music centre, which was to become the hub of what happened next.

Birdy was in panic mode as 4 of the 5 teams had won their respective games. We only needed the 5ths to win to claim a clean sweep and the promise of a happy hour. Alas the boys , although trying hard failed to claim that victory. A deep sigh of disappointment from the assembled throng was only broken by a loud whoop from our illustrious bar manager. Our 5th team captain Scott Glew then lost the feeling in his right hand as Birdy continued to shake it all night as though his life depended on it.

By this time the karaoke had started with young X factors hopefuls, ‘Taylor Swift’ Downey and ‘Adele’ Thomas taking to the floor. Their bravery inspired more senior guests to take the plunge. And so it began, an evening that will not be forgotten for a very long time indeed. A couple of the old stalwarts of the club commented on more than one occasion that this was just like the old days.

It was a joy to behold and several generations of families mingled together, sang and danced the night away. The solos soon became duets, those duets soon became small groups then by the end it was almost a contest between all the males and females in the club.

Of course most of this was fueled by the fantastic cocktails available from Carolynnes Cocktail Bar. I have never seen so many different coloured drinks! Carolynne did a roaring trade  and worked tirelessly all night trying to keep up with demand.

By the early hours of the morning people were dancing and singing from the table tops and I am led to believe some even went home in daylight!!

This night was aimed at replacing the gap left from not having a summer ball and I don’t think anyone in their wildest dreams thought it would be such a rip roaring success.

So many to thank, Mel for organising the karaoke, Carolynne for the cocktails, Sam and Polly for working so hard in a hot kitchen providing the fantastic food, Birdy for ensuring the bar was well stocked up, the supporters club committee and not forgetting the Frocester United football squad who had held their presentation event at the club earlier and continued to party on adding to the fun, but most of all it is down to you the good members and friends of Frocester cricket club for creating such a fantastic atmosphere. The Fros Vegas logo states…entertainment capital of the cricketing world, after that night few would would argue with that statement.

The problem now is, how do you follow that………..Beer Festival anyone?

MillieBeast, Hannah, Mel and Dan Fillies Emptys Tinky, Reg, Ali and Dan Reg Reg and Daughter Poultney girls Polly Pippa out of focus group Out of focus group 2 Out of focus 4 Out of focus 3 Nev and Mel More boys Mille and Hannah Metal Metal and Wendy Meatl, Mel, Carolynne Group fun Group again Group 1 Girls Girls 2 George Geggy and Millie Full voice 2 Frocester United Frocester United 2 Don, Mel and Paul Don and Mel Don and Mel full voice Davies Danielle Dancing on the tables, girls Dancing on the tables, boys Biscuit, Tinky, Reg, Ali and Dan

Only sober person there.Outside

Beast, Hannah, Mel and Dan