It is at this point we should point out that these, Play-Cricket, statistics cover the last 20 years or so.

All Time XI

1. Nick Trainor

Nick Trainor Statistics

2. Simon Reed

Simon Reed Statistics

3. Louis Gegg

Louis Gegg Statistics

4. Dave Whincup

Dave Whincup Statistics

5. Ian Smith

Ian Smith Statistics

6. Paul Muchall

Paul Muchall Statistics

7. Geoff Hudd

Geoff Hudd Statistics

8. Chris Duval

No Statistics Available

9. Brett Crichton

Brett Crichton Statistics

10. Basil Norbury

Basil Norbury Statistics

11. Eric Woodmason

Eric Woodmason Statistics

Drinking XI

1. Don Pearce

Has been known to drink port and starboard. 

2. Deano Evans

Drinks cider quicker than he breathes and he’s not fit

3. Lyn Richardson

Lush and a lush

4. David Poultney

It’s a mystery how he stays so thin with all the Guinness. Must be the tapeworm.

5. David Whincup

Lagerboy extraordinaire 

6. Sarah Poultney

Prosecco sponge 🧽 

7. John Hawkins

Drunk more whisky than all of Scotland put together 

8. Richard Tuck

Before he had kids

9. Jim Curtis

Too many Breezers

10. Tony Clarkson

Tries to pretend he’s fit but we know how many bottles he’s drunk over the years

11. Stephen Hudd

Lager-top in vast quantities, until mystery illness struck him down in his prime

12th Man Ali Bray

Plays too much cricket to be in the first XI but likes a Snowball or port and lemon with the best of them 

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