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Covid-19 Club Rules

Covid-19 Club Rules

Please make sure you read, understand and follow the rules we have put in place. We want to keep operating but if we fail to comply with government instructions we will have no choice but to close our doors until we are safe to open them again!
Make sure you have downloaded the NHS Covid 19 app to help with the track and trace upon arrival.

Face Coverings

These will be required to be worn upon entry and whenever you are not sat at your designated table.


Through the main doors from the car park. Upon entry you MUST sign in using the NHS Track & Trace QR Code or by filling in the form. Failure to comply with this will result in you not being allowed entry.


Please wait at designated area to be shown to your table. Maximum of 6 per table. Under no circumstances can you move between tables or mix with other groups. Please remain at your table for the duration of your visit, apart from using the toilet facilities. The tables will be set out to comply with social distancing, do not move any furniture.

Table Service

Please be patient and wait for someone to come to take your order. Bar staff will be at a serving station outside of the bar to make it easier to get their attention. Bar staff will be required to wear a face covering at all times while on duty. Under no circumstances are you to stand at the bar or to order drinks at the bar. You can only drink while at your table.


Please exit through the doors onto the patio and go around the side of the building back to the car park.


The tables will be sanitised by bar staff when groups vacate before other groups are allowed to sit there.

When you arrive please look for this poster so you can check in.
*For this to work you will need to download the NHS COVID-19 app.

Chairman’s End Of Season Report

Chairman’s End Of Season Report

After one of the most challenging years to be Chairman of our Cricket Club, I feel the time is right to update you on the season that we are close to completing. During lockdown we had some of the best cricket weather that any early season cricket would have enjoyed. Sod’s law determined that it would change when cricket was allowed to start and of course it did. We did however play some cricket and indeed on every occasion bar one, managed to put out four teams in their respective Covid leagues. Nick Trainor and the Cricket Committee including the Captains, decided that we would use the season to give our younger players the opportunity to gain experience at the appropriate level. There being no promotion or relegation this was a great way to develop our youngsters. I would like to thank our Captains Uzi Quereshi, Sam Birch, Ali Downey, George Davis and Denise Holder for their efforts especially dealing with the difficulties this season. I’m pleased to say that they are all willing to continue next season. The highlight for me was again the run in the Village Knockout with our very young team reaching the Quarter Final. I hope one day the club will return to Lords and unlike this year have lots of supporters allowed in to watch them. I must mention our Club Licensee Chris Whincup and his excellent batting in several of the games. Frocester Ladies are growing from strength to strength and were unbeaten in Softball Cricket and won half of their Hardball League Matches. 

The Youth Cricket was obviously affected but I would like to thank Wigs Catto for her innovative leadership together with the youth coaches. 

I would now like to thank all our Volunteers, Groundsmen, Scorers, Committee, Officials and Supporters. Without you the club could not function. I am going to single out two for special praise in Ali Bray and Slim Catto. These two have made a massive contribution this season. Ali has enhanced the Social Media enormously to keep Frocester CC in the news with regular updates. He also set up our Just Giving Page and more of that later. Slim has worked tirelessly on setting up scoring and live feed coverage of the matches which now means the club’s matches can be followed from afar. I understand also that Slim and Wigs have gained some very useful net facilities for St Peter’s Field from Malvern College. Well done and thank you everyone. 

As I mentioned earlier, Ali set up a Just Giving page for donations thank you so much to those who have donated. We are going to keep the link open as our income stream is obviously curtailed in these difficult times. If anyone who hasn’t donated yet but would like to help the club stay solvent here is the link:

On to a couple of retirements which cannot pass without my comment and extreme praise and thanks for their efforts. 

Mark Helmke has worked behind the scenes to not only help raise the funds for the new pavilion but also been my right hand man in setting up the club as a Company Limited by Guarantee preserving Community Amateur Sports Club status and ensuring committee members are not liable to any major financial loss. Mark has decided the time is right to come off the committee and I cannot thank him enough for all he has done. 

The next retiree after 28 Years is our esteemed Bar Manager and Club Legend Eric Bird. He has decided that the time is right to pass over the reins and I’m sure you will join me in thanking him in the time honoured way when the time is right. Unfortunately the new Covid rules have made it impossible to hold our planned event of a Cricket match, music and a great social get together. In discussion with President ‘Nogger’ Hawkins and licensee Chris Whincup we have decided to hold over the Presidents XI v Chairman’s XI match due on 26th September until after the Covid pandemic has disappeared and we are able to give Birdy the special day he deserves. 

Winter well and above all Stay Safe. Best Wishes Evo

Match Highlights 2020

Match Highlights 2020

2020 saw us move into the latest century! Thanks to Slim Catto we have started to live stream selected matches. This page has all of the match highlights we captured in the, bizarre, 2020 season.

Grab yourself a cup of tea and enjoy some of the best bits of the summer!

Frocester 1st XI v Potterne 1st XI
18 July 2020 @ Pounds Close

Full Scorecard can be found here.

Painswick 1st XI v Frocester 1st XI
19th July 2020 @ Painswick Cricket Club


Frocester 2nd XI v Thornbury 2nd XI
1st August 2020 @ Pounds Close
WEPL Covid Group H

Full scorecard can be found here.

Frocester 1st XI v Oldbury-on-Severn 1st XI
2nd August @ Pounds Close
The Cricketer National Village Cup, Round 2


Thornbury U19s v Frocester U19s
2nd August 2020 @ Tockington School
ECB U19 Club T20 Gloucestershire North


Painswick 1st XI v Frocester 2nd XI
8th August 2020 @ Painswick Cricket Club


Frocester 1st XI v Yelverton Bohemians 1st XI
16th August 2020 @ Pounds Close
The Cricketer National Village Cup, Round 4 – BOWL OFF!

Apperley 1st XI v Frocester 2nd XI
22nd August 2020 @ Apperley Cricket Club
WEPL Covid Group H


Cookham Dean 1st XI v Frocester 1st XI
23rd August 2020 @ Cookham Dean Cricket Club
The Cricketer National Village Cup, Round 5


Frocester 2nd XI v Corse & Staunton 1st XI
29th August 2020 @ Pounds Close
WEPL Covid Group H


North Perrott 1st XI v Frocester 1st XI
30th August 2020 @ North Perrott Cricket Club
The Cricketer National Village Cup, Quarter Final


Frocester U16s v Cheltenham U16s
31st August 2020 @ Pounds Close
GCB Under 16s T20 – North


Frocester u16s v Dumbleton U16s
31st August 2020 @ Pounds Close
GCB Under 16 T20 – North


Frocester 1st XI v Hatherley & Reddings 1st XI
5th September 2020 @ Pounds Close
WEPL Covid Group F


Frocester 1st XI v Swindon 1st XI
12th September 2020 @ Pounds Close
T20 Friendly


Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

This year has been a bit different hasn’t it.. Who would have thought that we wouldn’t have our first game of cricket until July. Certain events have put things into perspective somewhat. There have been bush fires in Australia, a global pandemic, the UK withdrawing from the European union but most importantly a subject got main stream coverage and shed a light on a systematic problem that although improving is far from solved. The Black Lives Matter campaign has been powerful in it’s movement throughout the world uncovering racism in all walks of life.

As a club we support Black Lives Matter. We have extremely strong links with the country of Barbados and to go there every other year to meet up with friends and talk the universal language of cricket is an experience second to none. You can learn more about the game over a beer talking about the game than you do playing it certainly rings true!

Some of you may have noticed our 1st XI taking a knee before their first game back on Saturday. Given our relationship with many people in Barbados and other parts of the world, I feel it is important that cricket as a whole and Frocester C.C. in particular, show that they are inclusive and against racism of any kind. I have asked our IT guru Ali Bray to include a link from Michael Holding who I consider to be an outstanding ex cricketer, commentator and human being.

John Evans – Chairman, Frocester CC

The England V West Indies test match has just finished at the Ageas Bowl with the West Indies winning by four wickets. An important win for them in the Test Match standings but was also an opportunity shine more light on this cause. Sky Sports deserve a lot of credit for the features they ran throughout. But the stand out moment came from Michael Holding. An incredibly articulate man who was deadly with the ball in hand. So much so his nickname became whispering death. He was part of the one of the greatest teams in world SPORT not just cricket. That particular West Indian side went 15 years without losing a single test series, incredible. If you haven’t seen it there is an incredible documentary called Fire in Babylon I urge anyone, not just cricket fans, to watch it. Before you do so however please take a moment to watch watch this incredible interview with Sky news.

Message from the chairman – 9th July 2020

Message from the chairman – 9th July 2020

As you are aware the clubhouse opened successfully last weekend thanks again to Birdy and Pete Davis. This weekend there is cricket again. Hurrah. The 1st X1 play a friendly against Winterbourne following the guidance from the ECB. Spectators are welcome but must respect Social Distancing and also follow the rules if they wish to use the clubhouse. On Sunday there is an Intra club match with Team Trainor Junior playing Team Glew. Please see the Website for details of both. 

Youth Training will now start again for all from Under 9s to Under 13s and all girls on Friday 17th July at 6.00 p.m. Under 15s training will begin on Thursday 16th July. Chair of Youth, Wigs Catto will be sending out further information and asking parents to register their children on line. The clubhouse will be open but again we ask people to follow the rules re Social distancing etc. If there is any chance of inclement weather the sessions will be cancelled as social distancing would be impossible in the clubhouse. 

As we have now opened and have committed to not ask for subscriptions this year, we are in need of more donations to ensure the club comes out of the other side of this difficult time financially secure. We have lost our main sources of income with The Ball, The Beer Festival and Speed Awareness Courses all being cancelled this year.  I am therefore asking again if you use the club in any way, as a player or a user of the bar,  please donate using the Just Giving link that follows. Obviously ignore this if you are one of the people who have donated already. A massive thank you for Ali Bray for his work on this and also to Treasurer Mike Fishwick who will be keeping his fingers crossed that people use this facility. The good thing is that the link enables donations to be gift aided. 

The link is

Thank you in anticipation for your help. John Evans (Evo) Chairman

Back to Business

Back to Business

Well before we had been given the green light to re-open the clubhouse a few hearty individuals (Birdy & Pistol) worked tirelessly to ensure that we would be ready at the first opportunity to open our doors again. It has been no small task and our enormous thanks go to both chaps for their hard work. Thank you also goes to Tony Bray who has provided us with the signage required.

As you could imagine there will be a lot of new processes in place to allow us to openly safely and follow the government guidelines.

Below is a poster that covers the information that our punters need to know before arriving. But in true health & safety fashion there will be plenty of signage available. So don’t worry there will be no spot tests.. or will there?!

For full details of all the processes we will have place take a look at the attached Risk Assessment and Track & trace register we will be using at the bottom of this article.

Hopefully along with the bar opening we will also get a chance to watch some cricket soon. Seems strange that we can have 22 people in the bar area but not outside in an open space exercising! But we are grateful that we get to start moving again and the club is being used.

We look forward to seeing you fit & healthy at Pounds Close soon. Stay safe and please follow all the guidelines, guidance and all that jazz so we can get back to our normal crazy selves soon!


Frocester Cricket Club Limited

President – John Hawkins
John Evans
Vice-Chair – Unallocated*
SecretaryEric Woodmason
TreasurerMike Fishwick
Fixture Secretary Eric Woodmason (League & Friendlies), Kathryn Catto (Youth)
Chair of SelectorsAli Downey
Youth Co-ordinatorKathryn Catto
Pounds Close
Eric Woodmason
St Peter’s Field – Nev Gardiner
CWOWendy Hawkins
Deputy CWOKathryn Catto
Trustee Representative – Nikki Pinker
Press Reports Eric Woodmason
LicenceeChris Whincup
Bar ManagerEric Bird
Subs Collection – Kay Davis
Players RepresentativeChris Whincup
Play-CricketEric Woodmason
Frocestercc.comTony Bray
Social MediaAli Bray

*To be allocated at a later date.

Board of Directors

John Evans, Dave Poultney, Mike Fishwick, Eric Woodmason, Nick Trainor, Wendy Hawkins, Mark Helmke, Chris Whincup, Ali Bray, Ali Downey, Eric Bird, Kathryn Catto

General Committee

John Evans, Eric Woodmason, Mike Fishwick, Kathryn Catto, Mark Helmke, Chris Whincup, Ali Bray, Rich Tuck, Phil Herbert, Eric Bird, Dave Poultney, Nikki Pinker, Wendy Hawkins, Paul Mukasa, Ali Downey, James Clarkson, Dan Cave, George Davis, John Hawkins, James Cook, Denise Holder, Andrew Marson

Cricket Committee

Nick Trainor, Eric Woodmason, Chris Whincup, Uzi Qureshi, Sam Birch, Ali Downey, George Davis

Alcohol Committee

Eric Bird, Chris Whincup

Grounds Committee

Eric Woodmason, Nev Gardiner, John Hawkins, Dan Cave

Frocester Cricket Club Supporters Group

Chair – Dave Poultney
Hon. Secretary – Wendy Hawkins
Hon. Treasurer – Sharon Tudor
Web Site Administrator – Tony Bray

Supporters Club Board of Directors

John Evans, Mike Fishwick, Mark Helmke, Nikki Pinker, Rich Tuck, Dave Poultney, Chris Whincup


Rich Tuck, Carolynne Hill, Nikki Pinker, Chris Whincup, Jim Clarkson, Mel Wellings, Marjorie Hawkins, Andrew Marson, Sue Lynch, Lianne Matthews