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Come and see for yourself!


Fed up of seeing these pictures week after week? Well get up off your arse and pop in and have a look for yourself my friends. Our gallant chairman, Evo using all his persuasive charm has only gone and arranged an open afternoon for those interested to pop in and have a look first hand at the fantastic work that has gone on throughout the autumn and winter months. Plus it will save me having to do any more work this side of Christmas. 

On Friday afternoon 23rd December between 1.oopm and 3.00pm the club will be open for visitors, this after the builders finish for their Christmas break.


The stairs are in and the scaffolding would have been taken away so all safe and sound. You will notice the windows are also all in place so come Friday tea time the whole building can be locked up. You MUST park down the bottom end of the ground and walk up however as it is still a building site please remember.

Of course thanks go to Dom and Mark at Fromebridge for allowing this and to Evo for organising. Sadly there will be no welcome drinks or mince pies, you will have to go down the George afterwards to sample such delights..hmm now there’s a thought!

This will be the last blog before Christmas, which apparently is on the 25th this year, well it has certainly caught me out that’s for sure, I didn’t even see it coming!

May I take this opportunity to wish you all, my rabid readers….sorry avid readers  a very happy Christmas and I hope everything you wish for comes true. That Keith has some new glasses, Whif finds his voice, Pistol reads a new quiz book, the price of beer and wine decreases dramatically, I win the lottery but most of all we all enjoy some great times with family and friends.

See you next year good people when the countdown to the opening in April begins.


Any way the wind blows…

Well dear folks, the boy has been out and about again for me capturing the latest updates on the pavilion. What a lovely few surprises Ali has captured this time around. The clock tower now in position, all looking very presentable indeed. The tiles will be completed this week it appears and it is also understood the the doors and windows are very close to being fitted.


Internally it is all taking shape magnificently. With the floor now laid on top of the underfloor heating. The area is looking so much more spacious with plenty of room swing a cat, or in Herbs case Jamie! 

The latter picture is a ‘fish eye’ view to try and show the a wider area in one picture and be assured it will not be curved.  The picture was taken from where the bar will be. How many times have we tried to exit the building but struggle due to people stood in the doorway watching the game. No excuse any longer with three doors to choose from.

For the skittlers reading this I have been informed that the alley may be a little longer than the old one. But the actual length is still to be finalised. Christ, I struggled to hit the blasted things when it was closer so I have no hope it they are further away.

Just a reminder again that The Grand Opening Ball is on the 22nd April 2017. If you haven’t booked a place/table you better be quick as it is fast approaching maximum numbers.

I am going to use this blog as an advert for something else please. A brochure is being considered to mark the occasion so if anyone out there has any interesting tales of the old pavilion, pictures, indeed anything that you think could be included please let me know or any of the supporters club committee. All contact details are on the main web site.


There hopefully will be a further blog before Christmas so keep watching.