Brass monkeys beware


It was a bright, crisp morning today. The frost was hard and the the air was clear. The sky was blue and the sun shone brightly. Not that I saw that mind as it was dark when I went to work!

I must be honest though and say by the time I reached the top of Frocester Hill the sun was rising and the pastels colours of the early morning sunrise over the Cotswold’s was breathtaking. By this time the car had warmed up and I could actually see through the frosted windscreen. 

Meanwhile as I was dodging fast HGV’s, fast cars and slow cyclist en route to Bristol, Ali was out with his camera capturing some wonderful shots of what is fast becoming a magnificent structure. The new Shack is coming along well, with dark unbreakable tiles on the two story section completed. Not that you could see the colour today as the roofs were white with frost.


Doorsie has taken some very atmospheric pictures in the early morning sun I think you will agree.


It has been a few weeks since I last physically saw the building in daylight so hopefully this weekend I can make the trip up to Pounds Close and have a look myself. That is in-between playing Father Christmas at a school somewhere in Stroud, watching the rugby at The White Hart in Leonard Stanley, The Advent Lunch at The Frocester George on Sunday and the last quiz before Christmas at The Kings Head, Kingscourt in the evening. Blimey I just realised there are a lot of pubs mentioned there. 

For those who may have missed the last post, it is normally played on a bugle by a young soldier. Sorry, enough of the poor attempt at humour, these and previous photos are on the main website under pavilion update and they include some of the internal work going on. Although I understand that the inside has changed dramatically in the past few days as there are floors being laid and electric cables everywhere.

I also hope soon to get an interview with Whif, where I can ask such important questions such as where have you been, what does the future hold for our illusive man about town and his views on the new clubhouse. Plus how much did you get by selling Keith Wand’s spectacles and who is going to win Strictly Come Dancing. Stay tuned good people.



An insiders view .

What’s happening on the inside I hear you ask, well good question and I hope to enlighten you with a few pictures. I sent our intrepid photographer, Ali (George Doors) on a mission to capture the scene during daylight hours. We have still been lucky with the weather to allow the outer shell to be made weather proof ahead of the winter, although we are bracing ourselves for the first storm of this autumn/winter with fast approaching Storm Angus ready to make an appearance. Let us hope he does not cause too much damage, stay safe out there people.

The pictures you see show the outline of the new bar, the one above taken taken from the lounge area. You will note the larger bar area with more room both sides of the counter. Also how much light will shine through with the three large doors along the pitch facing wall. This should mean we will be able to walk in and out of the bar area without people standing in the doorway blocking any entrance or exit. Okay I admit I was guilty of that at times as most of us were if we are honest.


The second picture again captures the new bar but looking  towards the Bath Road end of the lounge. The framework you see is the cellar and admin office at the far end. The picture below is the kitchen, on the left, standing almost at the start of what will be the skittle alley. The main entrance is pretty much is the same place just beyond the kitchen door you see there. The new toilet facilities are further on down toward the bottom end of the pavilion. For the ladies a much improved trip awaits your call of nature, one without having to weave your way through a busy lounge area, especially when there is cricket or rugby on the TV and that area is full of bodies and beer glasses. It will of course also mean you won’t be walking in front the TV when we are trying to watch….. only joking ladies! 

Moving on we see the work going on ‘upstairs’ with the changing rooms taking shape. Almost at the end of this post now you will be relieved to know; you see the view that will be from one of the changing rooms. The scaffolding is still in place and the balcony has yet to be erected but it offers a glimpse of what it will be. The changing room area on the first floor for those who do not know will include, naturally home and away facilities but also an umpires room and  ladies changing facilities. There will be a lift to allow any disabled sportsmen and women to enjoy the fantastic facilities available. Of course there will be a staircase from the entrance hall to the first floor. To the front there will be a winding ramp up to the balcony and the glass fronted changing rooms.

I could not end without a couple of pictures of the outside.


I trust that offers an update of how well things are progressing, especially for our friends who are not in a position to be able to view for themselves. More especially our friends all over the world. I know for a fact there is a very keen interest following this development from countries far afield such as Australia, USA, Barbados and South Africa to name but a few.

Up on the roof.


What a difference a roof makes. It only seems 5 minutes ago all we could see was a flat piece of ground where once stood a pavilion. Just a fraction over two months on and yes that’s all it has been, we can see a new construction morphing into a grand building indeed.



We have been very fortunate by enjoying a fantastic autumn, this allowing the construction guys to be slightly ahead of schedule. Enough work has been completed, hopefully, to allow work to continue whatever, within reason, the great British weather can throw at us.


At this point it may be worth reminding you all about the Grand Ball to celebrate the opening on 22nd April. This is proving a popular event but there are still places/tables available should you wish to join us in celebrating this momentous occasion. Please visit the home page of the website for further details on how you can book a place.

This is going to be a very special night indeed and marks the culmination of a lot of hard work and support from you all out there who have contributed, donated and supported this project over the past few years.



A sad post to write.

Chris Partridge

This is not an easy post to write this week good people. Most of you will have now heard the tragic news about Chris ‘Billy’ Partridge who died suddenly on Saturday 29th September doing something he loved; playing in a veteran’s rugby game at Woodrush RFC. He will be sorely missed by his 3 beloved children, William, Charlotte and Emma and his partner Jackie along with everyone who knew him and was involved in his life.

A private  service will be held for his family at the crematorium which will be followed by a Memorial Service and celebration of his life at Painswick RFC, Broadham Fields, Stroud Road, Painswick, Stroud, GL6 6RS at 12.30 on Tuesday, 15th November 2016.

Donations in his memory will be shared to support the development of youth sport at the clubs he used to play for (Barnt Green, Woodrush, Painswick and Frocester). Please make any contributions via Fred Stevens, further details will follow and will be put on the web site when available.

Much of Billy’s time recently was spent on the new pavilion for which he was a major driving force and he project managed the whole thing. The completion of this will be a fitting and permanent memorial to such a lovely man.

Onto the pavilion and only today (Thursday) the roof was lifted into place and it is hard to believe how much has been completed in a relatively short space of time. It was only 2 months ago we were all at the old Shack stripping out everything for the imminent knockdown a day or so later.  That’s only 2 months ago, it is fantastic.

Once again I am indebted to Ali Bray or ‘Doors’ as Billy always called him for taking the photographs. More will follow over the weekend and I will send out a new post with more pictures on very soon.

Time now to reflect on the good times spent on and around the cricket fields of Gloucestershire and beyond with Billy and how we will all miss him. Rest in peace Bill.