Serious post!

Before I start avid readers I must point out a very serious matter than has come to light. Well meaning individuals have been entering through the main site gate to view the new construction. We are all keen to monitor the progress but please be aware it is a building site full of dangers and unseen hazards. Apart from interrupting the builders who are working flat out to complete as much as possible before any bad weather. The guys on site are very concerned about some recent occurrences and we wish to point out that if you want to witness the fantastic work these guys are doing then please do it by coming in through the bottom gate and walking up to the safety fence and observe. It is called a safety fence for a reason. You can certainly see most of the work from that angle. Thank you for your understanding of this matter… now back to the nonsense you usually associate with these posts.


As I am now working full time down on the outskirts of Bristol I need to leave early in the morning and it is virtually dark when I arrive home, so therefore many thanks to  Young Skywalker, namely Ali Bray, aka George Doors for taking the time out of his busy day to photograph this current batch of pictures for us. 

As official photographers recording the construction we have received special permission and are are under very strict safety guidelines, including safety helmets and clothing etc when capturing these shots. At the risk of being boring I repeat please do not try to enter the site yourselves.

Adrian, you will note the scorers box is coming on well. I have noted there is a gap for you to enter, which will be bricked up once you are inside. Naturally there will be a window for you to be able to ply your trade of scoring, which will also serve as an opening to pass through food and drink from time to time.


It is not all work as you will note from the picture above as one of the team is practicing his pole vaulting skills during a break. 


 I have to say that it is starting to look impressive and appears, in my eyes at least bigger than I though it would be. But enough of my beer belly back to the new build, it won’t be long before we see some sort of roof going up and rest assured as soon as it does we will be there to capture the moment. Don’t forget to look on for more pictures and a complete record of the demolition and construction thus far.

Anyway I am sorry but that’s all today folks as I am tired and ready for bed from having to work for a living again. 



I can see my house from up here.

It was at great personal risk, my right foot perilously dangling within a noose connected to a drone, these pictures have been brought to you. I apologise that it has taken a while to publish them but every time I viewed them with the intention of placing them on the website I came over in a hot flush as I recalled the moment when my foot slipped out and I fell to the ground. Fortunately I landed on something soft, my arse! Oh how all the builders giggled with some choking on their Beluga Caviar and fancy red wine. “Just dropping in for lunch”  I muttered before making a hasty retreat.  I was vexed indeed at such hilarity; that could have been a serious accident for goodness sake. Oh by the way Pistol if you are reading this, I was wearing a helmet but as I was upside down it kept dangling off my head.  Anyway I certainly made an impression, which was in the bread slices of the salmon sandwiches the guys were passing around their lunch table. Undeterred I took flight again and following a brief encounter with a Tornado jet who buzzed me thinking I may have been a Russian spy I managed to capture some unusual shots of the footprint of the new pavilion.

The aforementioned Typhoon must have engaged some sort of scrambling device as the drone spun round several times and took me off in the direction of Eastington, which was very handy as it saved me having to drive home. I was in no fit state to get behind the wheel of a car after all that.

On a serious note for a moment, these pictures are actually used with the very kind permission of  Avon Archaeology Limited. Kingswood, Bristol, Many thanks to them for some great shots. A couple more can be found on the web site along with many other pictures from the demolition and rebuild of ‘The Shack’.

The latest update on the building is that the walls are rising fast with scaffolding actually part erected at one end of the building.  Everyday sees a significant change it seems. With the clocks going back an hour next weekend and it gets dark earlier the only opportunity for picture updates will be at the weekend so you will be pleased to note these posts will appear less frequently.


All in all it’s just another brick in the wall.

Very few words today my friends and the pictures say it all really.  The rise of the new shack is well under way. All the vital ground work now virtually complete, the brickies and the blockers are creating the shape of things to come. I will try and be a bit more imaginative in the next post with more copy than today’s effort. But to be honest peeps, I’m tired so I am off for some well earned and much needed beauty sleep……..I could be a while!



Underground viewing area


The state of the art underground viewing area is now taking shape. Here we see the new periscopes in position. The entrance I have been informed is down the ladder you see in the background and the picture below. This will lead you into a subterranean chamber via a corridor to the viewing area under the new clubhouse. Visitors will be asked not to make too much noise as this may filter up through into the new lounge area, where respected senior members will either be enjoying some light reading, sipping wine, exchanging pleasantries or simply taking an afternoon nap.
Correspondingly those ‘above ground’ members will in turn be asked not to break wind or belch too loudly, raise their voices or indulge in advice to our own players,  the opposition players and/or officials or whosoever’s round it is next. Anything that may, in any way spoil the enjoyment of our underground Mole people.
Finally a word of warning to any of you who may wish to take this trip next season and that is to be mindful to turn right at the bottom of the ladder. Failure to do do so may result in an untimely inspection of the new septic tank and we don’t want that, do weee.

On a seriously note for a moment, B flat……What we see here is a layer of blocking that when finished will be followed by a 6 inch layer of insulation added, then on top of which will be 3 inches of concrete. This will create the new floor ready for the next exciting development, which will see things looking up as the walls will start to rise.



Ellis’s Crane hire…so that’s where he’s been.

Well peeps a little ahead of schedule but Thursday was an epic day and with not a lot to view until the middle of next week it feels like a good time to share Thursday’s events.

Due to being in a position where I am pausing to take a breath in life’s great journey I thought a nice little extra hour or so in bed would be most welcome. Sods law says things don’t happen like that in my world. So it was at around 8.00 am I have a call from Chairman Evo to say he had also had a call from Mark, the site foreman to say today would be a good day to take some pictures as the floor was being laid with the help of  bloody big crane.

So off I trundled wiping the sleep out of my eyes, camera in one hand and a cup of tea in the other, which is not a good idea whilst driving. I had spoken to Mark before setting forth and he was extremely helpful and far too happy for any normal person to be, especially early in the morning. A huge thank you to Mark (in the yellow jacket) for all his help. For taking the time to show me around the site explaining everything with such great enthusiasm, knowledge and understanding.

The first thing I noticed was a digger on the outfield perilously close to the square. The other day Nev said he wanted to get rid of all the mushrooms but that was taking it a bit too far I thought to myself. As it happened all they were doing were digging yet another trench. Christ, I have seen more trenches in the past few weeks than a tour around the battlefields of World War One.

These guys are so professional they even took off the top surface of turf to relay when they finished, so very neatly done as well. This particular channel was for the water feed from the newly installed water tanks to sprinkle the square in the summer. How very Eco friendly we will be as the tanks will hold thousands of gallons water taken from the guttering around the new building so not having to take water from the mains supply in the summer when it is at a premium.

Mark took me to view the new septic tank, oh my oh my, the morning was just getting better and better by the minute. All I ever wanted in life was to inspect a septic tank first thing in the morning. Feeling flushed I thought to myself how technology plays a huge part in our lives and this will be an item of equipment that will be an enormous benefit during the years ahead. Not such good news for those who have become accustomed to the captivating aroma found on a hot summers day when the tanks were full. I apologise here if you are actually eating some kind of food whilst reading this. It is quite remarkable the thought that has gone into such a piece of equipment in as much as the tank is very large for a start, but it has all sorts of controls and mechanisms to minimise potential issues in the future. The tanks on each side have carbon brushes which rotate to help break down all the unmentionables thus making it much cleaner, if something like that can ever be clean. Below is a picture of the inside of the tanks currently holding water, this was explained to me that water is poured in to match the amount of earth filling in the sides so as not to cave in the sides. But it is literally before the s**t hits the fan.  Boom, I just had to get that quip into the story somehow.

Anyway enough of the toilet humour back to the main event. The crane had been there since 6.30 am working and  it must be a very uplifting occupation….. sorry. I wondered why we haven’t seen much of Rob Ellis this summer perhaps it is because we weren’t aware he must have been busy with his new venture hiring out cranes. That’ll stop his jibbing…damn, sorry again! Part of the floor had already been laid by the time I arrived but I stayed on to witness the rest of the guy’s labours that morning. 

At this point I would like to point out the risks I am taking in bringing this news to you on such a regular basis, I have to be kitted out in a yellow jacket, industrial style shoes and crash helmet. That’s just crossing the road to avoid the heavy lorries traveling at speed through Eastington but it also came in handy on site. 

Following are a few pic’s of man and machine in harmony, lifting, lowering and laying. ‘To me, to you, to me, to you’. Closely followed by dropping in blocks between the gaps.

By the time I finished a quick pint of lager in The George and returned they had finished laying all the concrete bars and were filling in with blocks. Replacement blocks turned up when I was there and I must say it puzzles me how some coaches struggle to get in through the gate. They were made to look foolish when a guy turned up in an lorry with an equally long trailer. Reversing in without any hesitation and more or less in one movement.


I had taken all the pictures I needed to take in capturing this unique day so I decided to leave the chaps to it. These shots may seem boring but once the all the groundwork is filled in and completed we will not see any of these workings again. Oh what memories I have of of septic tanks, countless trenches, tubes and pipes everywhere and yet still no sign of Keith Wands glasses. I think Keith, we may have to give up on those now I  am sorry to say. What I have also witnessed is some highly professional workmanship, the use of technology and an infrastructure that we will all take for granted when the club is up and running again next summer. The foundations for the new club are immense and safe to say the pavilion will still be there for many, many more generations to come. 

Next up the guys will be tidying the edges and adding a scree across the floor to fill in the gaps and soak into the blocks before the actual floor base is added. Flipping heck it almost sounds like I know what I am taking about. Trust me I don’t! I am led to believe that the first bricking of the walls will begin sometime late next week, weather permitting. The current forecast is fairly good but not necessarily with a following wind, I’ll take that with me when I go, that damn lager. Rest assured as and when that happens your intrepid reporter will be there fully armed with jacket, helmet and camera, risking life and limb in the process. Please don’t take pity on me…..just throw money!

I left the site and walked down the field following the line where Mark was filling in the trench and relaying the turf on top, ready for a heavy roller. Top bloke and a top team working on site, thanks again guys!

Until the next installment good people I am now going to take off the yellow jacket and helmet. Diane will be happy as I have had them on since yesterday. Still it saved me from getting Spaghetti Bolognese down the front of my new Bob the Builder outfit.


Yet more trenches!


Well it’s been 10 days since the last blog update and as you would expect a lot of preparation work as been completed, mainly due to the fantastic weather we enjoyed throughout September. You will note a trench has been dug from the garage up to the pavilion. Some pipes and cables have been laid and the trench has been filled back in. Sadly this is not to be able to pump beer down to the bottom end of the ground, although that would have been nice. In fact it is for water and electrics to be available in the garage.


There is no truth in the rumour that pecker has been seen moving a bed, furniture and other homely items into there I must point out. Whif has already beat him to it. On the subject of Whif just briefly if I may, he can be found regularly propping up the bar at the George following his exile from the Fox at Coaley. As mentioned in an earlier post. I did manage to get a word in edgeways to speak to him. There were some ramblings about sleeping in the score box with the adders and falling in the ditch on the long walk back home. In fact he didn’t stop talking for ages so rest assured good people he is alive and well. I feel I should draw a line under the whole saga about him being a missing person.


Back up to the pavilion and the blocking is completed it believe waiting for the sanitation elements to be finished before the concrete floor appears. There seems to be pipes sticking out everywhere.

A nice large hole has appeared by the main entrance, which will be home to the big blue water tanks. These will feed water to the edge of the square once a pipe has been connected and laid across the outfield.img_3598

Yet another trench has been dug and filled in, this one is to take away the unmentionables to the septic tank.

Well apologies for such a long post but an awful lot has happened in the last 10 days. I know a lot of our exiled friends are reading these blogs with interest keeping up to date with proceedings. I will make them weekly from now on as time permits, unless of course something dramatic occurs. Like finding Keith’s glasses.

The initial excitement has since passed and we are at the non sexy bit of construction but nonetheless some of the most important. As time moves on we should start to see the Phoenix rising from the ashes so keep watching for the updates.