I make my apologies now for a longer than usual post my friends but a lot has happened over the past few days.

Well she has done her job; knocked down the old pavilion, scraped up all the rubble, leveled the ground and dug out the trenches for the footings. It is now time to say farewell as the JCB is loaded onto a trailer and is driven away. 

The builders couldn’t wait for her to go as soon after the blocks arrived and the four corners were quickly laid. The picture taken on Wednesday evening shows the four corners highlighting the basic layout of the new Shack.

Today, Thursday, the front line of the pavilion has seen the front corners joined offering the line of the ground facing side of the new clubhouse. Not being a builder I am assuming these blocks when completed all the way around will be filled with concrete to form the floor area?

Incidentally you may be wondering where the septic tank has gone, no, well you should be. I can enlighten those of you that do need to know these things, heaven knows why but I am telling you anyway. Just inside the main gate on the left as you enter a big hole has been dug and it sits in there nicely.  The 2 pictures that follow show the location and the size of the blighter. The tank is the big black tank you see sitting next to the car park.

Enough room in there I fancy for lots of, well you know what.

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