The big diggers done digging.

 I make my apologies now for a longer than usual post my friends but a lot has happened over the past few days.

Well she has done her job; knocked down the old pavilion, scraped up all the rubble, leveled the ground and dug out the trenches for the footings. It is now time to say farewell as the JCB is loaded onto a trailer and is driven away. 

The builders couldn’t wait for her to go as soon after the blocks arrived and the four corners were quickly laid. The picture taken on Wednesday evening shows the four corners highlighting the basic layout of the new Shack.

Today, Thursday, the front line of the pavilion has seen the front corners joined offering the line of the ground facing side of the new clubhouse. Not being a builder I am assuming these blocks when completed all the way around will be filled with concrete to form the floor area?

Incidentally you may be wondering where the septic tank has gone, no, well you should be. I can enlighten those of you that do need to know these things, heaven knows why but I am telling you anyway. Just inside the main gate on the left as you enter a big hole has been dug and it sits in there nicely.  The 2 pictures that follow show the location and the size of the blighter. The tank is the big black tank you see sitting next to the car park.

Enough room in there I fancy for lots of, well you know what.

The lost city of Frocester

Looking more like a scene from an excavation, expecting to find artefacts and skeletons, glasses and Whif it is more pleasing to remember this is the foundations of something special and further magical moments to follow in the years ahead.

img_3539 We have certainly been blessed with some good weather, thus allowing work to proceed at pace. It only seems like yesterday we were stripping down the club in preparation of the knockdown. Yet here we are with concrete being poured into the new foundations.

You would have noticed a theme running here regarding some missing glasses and a missing person. Please don’t read too much into the glasses as I am sure they will be found in the days on ahead.

As for the missing person and as mentioned in the previous post he has been spotted. I am hoping too grab a few words from him in the next few days, rearrange them into a legible sentence and reveal the thoughts of Whif in due course. So keep watching for the latest developments.

No expense spared.

There has been no expense spared in the search for Keith Wand’s glasses. We are beginning to think they may have either picked up by mistake or stolen by someone who knows the area. In fact police have informed us that several suspects have been seen wearing glasses in the Frocester area, detectives are investigating these sightings and have issued a statement saying anyone spotted wearing spectacles can consider themselves a suspect.

Meanwhile the diggers are still going down and the scene has not changed a lot at Pounds Close. A quick look today and you can just see the top of the digger such is the depth of the hole that has been created at one end. That’s going to be a mighty big septic tank installed, probably much needed though I am thinking.

For those of you who may be concerned reports are flooding in that Whif has been spotted in the area! Following some constructive comments towards the staff at The Fox in Coaley it appears the poor lad has been misunderstood and has had to take up drinking in the Frocester George for the time being. At least we know he’s alright that’s the main thing. I will try and set up a camouflaged hide in the courtyard to see if I can capture glimpses of him with my camera in the bar, but he is a wily old fox….oops shouldn’t have mentioned Fox and bar in the same sentence.


Where’s Whif?

Literally the dust has settled and still no sign of Whif. Only the whiff of the old septic tank that lies in pieces on the ground. Although we had that at times even when it was not broken and buried under ground. Don’t think we will miss that element of the old pavilion somehow. The debris for the most part cleared away almost ready for the builders to start their part of the process digging and laying the new footings. We are lucky with the weather being so kind allowing for the clearance to be done without leaving a mess or damaging any of the surrounding areas. In fact at the risk of repeating myself it is a very clean and tidy site, it even looks as though the old car park has been swept.

Not a lot more to say really and again I will not bore you with the same old pictures so the next post will be when there is a significant change to the area. 

Giant yellow spider.


The digger looks like a giant spider sat on top of his kill guarding what is below….. Apologies my mind just drifted off there for a second. Can’t blame my ramblings on drink as it looks like the bar is closed. I blame the heat!

I was expecting to see an empty site today, Thursday, but there was even more rubble when I arrived. It looks like all the floor has been smashed up now adding to the pile.

I must say how neat and tidy the whole site looks around the old pavilion. The guys have been very precise and caused seemingly no damage anywhere around the footprint of the old place. You can even see in the foreground the old flag post support left unscathed.

As it is now getting a bit boring more or less seeing the same old scene I won’t add another post until something changes and it looks different. I am guessing that will be when the site is cleared away completely of all debris. Or someone catches sight of Whif. Hmm, the driver of the digger looks familiar, no it couldn’t be….could it?

That was one hell of a party!


Well the party is over for the old ‘Shack’ so let’s raise a glass to the future ‘Son of Shack’ who will make an appearance soon.  It must be noted that after the guys left yesterday they left the place in a far tidier condition than those party goers did at the weekend.


The final wall came crashing down at approximately 1.45pm in a cloud of dust. I can’t find anything amusing to say about yesterday, we didn’t even find Whif. A day tinged with sadness yet one when the sun shone on a new beginning.

I am sure tomorrow will see the rubble and wood taken away leaving a gaping hole where once stood a place of dreams and memories. Not to mention an awful lot of cobwebs!

The Shack is dead, long live the Shack.

Remember there are loads more pictures to be found on the website.

Tree’s a jolly good fellow.

img_3386Some nice comments chaps, thanks for the feedback, perhaps then I will continue the blog. Damn I hear you say, thought we’d seen the last of this drivel. Tuesday lunchtime and the openings are all sheeted off whilst the small traces of asbestos are removed. Also being removed are the trees around the scorers box. Even a small thing like that makes a huge difference. Now if only the branches obscuring the score box could be lopped of as well we would enjoy next summer without having to bend double to see the score. Although there was a rumour that a secondary, smaller scoring unit may be erected down the bottom end of the ground? Wednesday is the big one when the old girl gets flattened. Well I did warn her I didn’t want cheese sandwiches again to be fair. Oh yes and the ‘Shack’ is being knocked down as well. That is going to make an interesting picture. Wonder what that will reveal? Thinking about it Whif has not been seen at the club for a couple of years and was last seen asleep on one of the sofa’s…just saying, it’ll be nice to see him again.