Frocester Cricket Supporters Club – more than just cricket!

The Red Picket Fence encompasses a family of many things connected to the parent club, FCC.  It symbolises a paddock within whose boundaries are other numerous activities linked to the parent club and whose core aim is the support of Frocester Cricket Club. This includes and is not limited to social events such as the Advent Lunch, Summer Ball, Frocester wine tasting club, several winter skittle sides, Frocester Beer Festival, Frocester United FC to mention a few.  Please read on and follow the variouis links for further information about each aspect of the Frocester family.

 American Night

The next offering from the posse who run these shindigs will be an American Night.
On Saturday 30th January at The Ranch, Pounds Close in the sunshine state of Frocester (many of you will be in a state afterwards as well)!

Food to be supplied and cooked from a ‘pop up’ restaurant in, as you guessed, an American style. See for yourself the menu below:

Overnight smoked BBQ Beef Brisket
Rubbed in black pepper, salt and garlic, smoked over night and basted in BBQ glaze.

Buttermilk Chicken
Thighs and drumstick smoked and glazed in a BBQ sauce.

Stuffed Portobello Mushroom (vegi)
Stuffed with smoked cheddar, thyme, shallots & spinach, coated in breadcrumbs and pan fried

Corn on the cob
Gourmet mac & cheese with Cherry tomatoes and spinach
Seasonal slaw-julienned seasonal veg with fresh herbs and vinegar and olive oil

All this partners at a cost of merely £12.50 per head. Booking in the usual manner, by calling Dave Poultney on 01453 822960. This is expected to fill up very quickly so please book as early as possible. 

I will confirm a start time as soon as I can, but I imagine it will be 7.00 for 7.30pm (Frocester time).

while we are at it with the American theme….

Cricket tour to New York

This is a very tentative enquiry to gauge what interest there is for a tour to New York in the future. Likely date to be mid to late September 2017. Duration of a week, maybe 10 days to be decided. If enough players, supporters are interested then an initial meeting can be organised to create a strategy for the way forward in making this happen. Our cricketing friends in ‘The Big Apple’ are looking at viable possibilities to allow us to visit. This would be quite unique and a very special trip. I know we would be welcomed by the USA cricketing authorities with open arms. The earlier we can agree the longer we will have to start saving for this exciting venture. Please hen in the first instance, just let me (Tony Bray) aware of your interest, however slight.



Frocester pins

Frocester pins

It would be nice to include the skittles teams on here throughout the winter; captains if you would like to give me your fixtures I can add them on. If you let me know the results those too can be added. Any messages you wish to convey and of course any photographs, especially amusing ones!
Already included is a brief report on last Wednesday’s game involving the Cricketers. Read it by clicking on the skittles pages located on the menu.



It is intended to utilise this, The Red Picket Fence web site (with the web address of as the official page of  the Frocester Cricket Supporters Club.

The main aim of this site will be to keep you informed of all the supporters club activities, functions and events etc. It will develop as it goes along and your opinions and thoughts are most appreciated on how this grows.

The main Frocester Cricket Club web site will remain on Play Cricket and by clicking this link  you will be directed there. The main site will still update you on all things cricket, fixtures, results, stats, facts and information. There are plans for further development of this Play Cricket site.