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Latest news……….

  • Tuesday 29th July…. Important beer festival news

Below is a pdf file showing the work required the week leading up to the beer festival. It is very important you open and read this document. Then let Paul Mukasa know of your availability. It cannot be stressed enough how vital your help is this year more than any other. Please find time to assist in whatever way and whenever you can. Thank you.  

A most important aspect of the success of the festival is the help that is required on Sunday morning (24th) – Please make every effort to turn up and help on that morning from 9.00am onwards………Bring along your hangover for company, in fact that may even help it ! Seriously though folks it is essential we have as many as possible to make light work of the clear up, thanks again.

 Click here  beer festival set up3

  • The Viva Fros Vegas nationwide tour rolls into London on Sunday 3rd August.

There is a coach leaving Frocester at 10.00am on Sunday 3rd August. Please check with Birdy to see what spaces are left. It has proved popular for those wishing to watch the quarter final in London and enjoy a few drinks…well it would be rude not too wouldn’t it.

Sunbury Cricket Club: Kenton Court Meadow, Lower Hampton Road, Sunbury-On-Thames. Phone : 01932 783133  http://www.sunburycricket.co.uk/

  • North Stars Cultural and Social Club, Barbados

On Wednesday 20th August, North Stars will be paying a visit to Frocester, now a regular feature on their biannual tour to England. We are honoured as always to play host to this fine club. If they played every team in England that have requested a fixture, they would have to stay for a couple of months to fit them all in. Such is the esteem  in which they are held. Due in no small part to the hospitality, generousity and friendship they greet all touring teams to Crab Hill, St Lucy. We however have formed a very strong bond between us and we are pleased they elect to travel to Gloucestershire where we can hope to reward such friendship by playing a game of cricket and entertaining them afterwards.

As it is the week leading up to the beer festival many hands are required in helping to set up everything for that major event, please see Paul Mukasa’s note above. Therefore we are seeking availability from anyone who cares for a game; you do not need to be a member of Frocester, anyone welcome. Just email/contact Ali Bray if you would like to play. The match itself will be played at St Peter’s Field and afterwards we hope to enjoy an evening of fun and frolics back at Pounds Close.

Kerry Thornton and Shaun Sutton have very generously offered to fund a pig roast with any profits going back into FCC. However to gauge the size of the beast to be roasted we need to know approximate numbers attending. Can you please RSVP to Tony Bray if you intend to be there please.


Fixtures and Teams……….

Saturday 2nd August –

1st XI are home to Downend - Team meet 11.15am: Trainor, Querishi, Dixon, Wand, Gegg, Bracey, Muchall, Cave, Jones, Martin, Dunning 

2nd XI are away at Keynsham Team meet 11.00 am: Downey, Birch, Davis, Woodmason, Whincup, Nabi, Cave, o’Doherty, Bailey, Gilchrist, Gillett,

3rd XI are Home to Newent - Team meet at 12.45: Tegg, Helmke, Bray, Clarkson, Wilkins, Hopkins, Roberts, Roberts, Evans, C. Partridge, M. Tudor

4th XI are away at Woodchester - Team meet 1.00pm: Richardson, Hudd, Evans, Tudor, Butler, Spyvee, Choudhury, DFP, Collins, Collins, Glew

5th XI are home to Minchinhampton - Team meet 1.00pm: Glew, Tuck, Tuck, Thomas, Lewis, Birch, Babbage, Babbage, Horlock, Hitching

Sunday 3rd August

London Victoria National Knockout Cup – Quarter Final

1st XI away to Sunbury on Thames, London – see above re transport

Team – Trainor, Querishi, Dixon, Wand, Gegg, Bracey, Muchall, Cave, Jones, Martin, Whincup, 12th man O’Doherty 



Beer Festival Rota

Important: Please note a new page has been added to the left hand column titled Beer Festival Rota. Please follow the instructions on this page to see what duty you have been allocated for Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd August. 

All members are expected to support the Festival by contributing some time over the weekend and/or the week leading up to the event. Without the Festival, we would not be able to enjoy the benefits the club offers us all at such a reasonable cost. The festival contributes a substantial amount to the facilities you enjoy here, to local charities and good causes.  The draft rota will be published soon. Make sure you see it promptly and take up any issues with the rota team. Sam Evans Phil Herbert, Maggi Mukasa or Nikki Pinker.  Further information will be posted on the club website as it becomes available. Great News! The Frocester Beer Festival Website is LIVE! http://www.frocesterbeerfestival.com Tickets are available from the club as usual plus, new this year, The Old Badger, The Old Spot and online at http://www.seetickets.com/tour/frocester-beer-festival.


The ‘Crazy like a Mongoose’ Tour

Names are being requested for the next Barbados tour in 2016. No firm committment required yet simply an indicator of who is interested. So far there has been a good response with  some 40 names added. A seperate page has been generated on this web site dedicated to the tour.


Play Cricket site

Please note that the play cricket site will be used for all results and statistics. http://frocester.play-cricket.com